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A True Virtuoso and a Rising Star in the European Art Scene Join Hands at POSCO Art Museum


Special exhibit <Peter Klasen ∞ Hoon Moreau : Human ∞ Nature>, introduces leading Nouvelle Figuration artist, Peter Klasen, and South Korea-born French Art Furniture artist, Hoon Moreau, for the first time in Korea

In celebration of POSCO’s 50th anniversary, the POSCO Art Museum presents a special exhibition of art works by Peter Klasen and Hoon Moreau. The <Peter Klasen ∞ Hoon Moreau : Human ∞ Nature> exhibition introduces Klasen to the Korean audience for the first time and provides an opportunity for Moreau to showcase her works in her mother country.

30 Notable Artworks from Peter Klasen’s 60-Year Career

As a leading personage of the Nouvelle Figuration, Peter Klasen created his very own ‘Peter Klasen-style’, employing parody, homage and pastiche, to reveal the duality of the modern industrial age controlled by capitalism. Since the 1990s, Klasen has constantly expanded his artistic repertoire to include sculpture, installation, and drawing using photographs, objets, neon and various other mixed materials. Klasen’s works have been exhibited across the world over the past 60 years and many are currently in personal and public collections, including major art museums in China, Cuba, Mexico, Seoul, Tokyo, Geneva, New York, London and Paris.

In this special exhibition at POSCO Art Museum, 30 select works of Klasen, including <Ferrari 328 GTS / PK>, a 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS-turned-art car, will highlight his 60-year art career.

Art Furnitures of Hoon Moreau, a Rising Star in the European Art Scene

Since her beginnings as an interior architect and designer, Hoon Moreau has been drawing inspiration from the beauty of the elements that touch her. Especially the magnificence of nature has led her to create ‘Art Furniture’ that closely combines the functionalities of sculpture and furniture. Moreau seeks to merge art into the daily lives of the viewers through her work. Using mainly wood to make furniture, which she fully embraces the material, leaving even the wounds on the wood to become part of her work.

| Peter Klasen X Hoon Moreau: <Galaxy PK/HM>

Created by seemingly contrasting artists, the piece represents POSCO’s influence and efforts over the past 50 years. Standing at its new beginning to become a centennial brand, POSCO hopes to spread its significance throughout the universe just like the debris in the artwork. Reflecting POSCO’s corporate philosophy of respect and consideration for humans and nature, the piece as well as overall exhibit also provide unique opportunity to explore the implication of ‘Life in Art and Art in Life’. The special exhibit at POSCO Art Museum opened on October 18 and runs through November 20.

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