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POSCO Vietnam’s New Employees join 5 day Training Program


Everyone has their first experience of being a new member in an unfamiliar group. For me, working at POSCO Vietnam and becoming a global storyteller for ‘Hello, POSCO’ were just the case. Sometimes, it could be quite difficult to feel comfortable in those kinds of new environments. POSCO Vietnam answered to the call from our newly joined employees and decided to hold a training session, so they can be one of us.

Between 8th and 12th April, POSCO Vietnam invited 40 new employees from POSCO Vietnam, POSCO VHPC, VPS and POSCO SS-VINA for a 5 day training course. The session was designed to improve working and communication skills for the new members of POSCO.

POSCO Vietnam’s New Employees join 5 day Training Program

The training course offered educational sessions on POSCO’s history, corporate core values, Korean culture, QSS activity, Information and Labor Safety regulations, communication skills and steel production process. These are all closely related to POSCO’s operations around the globe and their everyday tasks.

POSCO Vietnam’s New Employees join 5 day Training Program

Lee Kwang-yung, general director of POSCO Vietnam, also participated in the training course as a lecturer, delivering an hour-long lecture for working skills and labor safety measures in working environment. During the session, he emphasized the importance of core value of POSCO and self-consciousness of the employees as the members of POSCO Family.

POSCO Vietnam’s New Employees join 5 day Training Program

When the educational sessions were concluded, the participants undertook a paper examination over the knowledge they acquired from the program. Luong An Xuyen, POSCO Vietnam, and Nguyen Kim Dong of POSCO SS VINA were awarded as the most enthusiastic and excellent members for the 5-day-long event.

POSCO Vietnam’s New Employees join 5 day Training Program

After the closing ceremony, all the trainees joined an outside activity, climbing up the highest mountain near the training facility. It was a great opportunity for all of us to concrete the sense of belongingness and partnership as POSCO’s new prospects.



Interview with Luong An Xuyen,
Marketing Department, POSCO Vietnam


Luong An Xuyen, Marketing Department, POSCO Vietnam

Q: How did you feel about the training course?

[dropcap style=”1″ size=”3″]L[/dropcap]uong An Xuyen: I felt comfortable and really liked the impression when I first attended the course. Through this training, I have learned about the history of POSCO and meaning of ‘Spirit of Facing Right’, one of POSCO’s core values. Becoming one of the best new staff members was another joy I received from participating in the event. I think it was a great opportunity for all of us to build a strong partnership. After the training, we still keep in touch with each other. The training course has truly become a driving force for me at work.

Q: As a member of POSCO, how do you see the company and its future?

[dropcap style=”1″ size=”3″]P[/dropcap]OSCO is a well-known steel manufacturer and I have a strong belief in its future. I am also proud of the marketing department I am currently working with. It is a place where my background skills can be utilized and developed. I also love the atmosphere and the people I am working with. I must say that POSCO is also a very staff-friendly corporate as the company always listens to us and provide well-equipped welfare policies, such as insurance, unemployment aid, accident insurance and support program for married or pregnant staff. It is a wonderful place to work.



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