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POSCO Selected as a “Best Practice” of UN Sustainable Development Goals


On November 3, POSCO’s Steel Village Project was selected as a best practice for UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and acquired a SMART certification, given to best practices that meet the 5 criteria: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resource-based and Time-based deliverables.

SDGs are common goals of prosperity and development adopted by the UN in 2015 for the international society to achieve by 2030. There is a total of 17 goals, including eradicating poverty, quality education, good health and well-being, human rights and climate action.

The organization commended POSCO’s initiatives for tackling the housing crisis in its overseas and affiliate communities, and its commitment to improving the quality of life of local residents. Details of the POSCO Steel Village Project will be posted on the UN SDG official website, and if selected as the exemplary case of SDGs at the UN ministerial meetings, the project will be recorded in a permanent document of the UN as an example for other companies and organizations.

POSCO CEO Kwon Ohjoon said, “POSCO will carry out social contribution activities to help realize a better world in the best way we know how. As a global corporate citizen, we will fulfill our social responsibilities by aligning our goals with those of the UN SDGs.”

The POSCO Steel Village Project is a part of the POSCO 1% Foundation which uses POSCO’s materials and construction techniques to build houses, bridges and welfare facilities for people living in poverty. Over the years, POSCO has built steel houses, indoor playgrounds for children and steel bridges for the underprivileged living near its business operations in Korea and abroad.

Cover photo courtesy of the UN.


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