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POSCO Selected as the Best Consortium Educational Institution for SMEs


l The Ministry of Employment and Labor presents POSCO the highest grade in the 2019 SME Consortium Education Program evaluation
l POSCO receives acknowledgment for training 45,000 employees of partner companies and SMEs, and providing support for youth employment

POSCO was selected as the Best Educational Institution for the second consecutive year in the 2019 SME Consortium Education Program evaluation, organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

The Consortium Education Program is a national government-run program that provides quality educational opportunities to employees of SMEs with the outstanding infrastructure of large companies. Since 2019, the Ministry of Employment and Labor has been holding award ceremonies for the best institution to encourage participating and also to share best practices.

Last year, POSCO provided training on maintenance technologies as well as on organizational capabilities to 45,605 employees from 307 partner companies and SMEs. The training helped SMEs to strengthen their competitiveness in human resources.

POSCO received the highest grade among 139 educational institutions, having also been recognized for providing job training and job placement to young job seekers. 166 of the job seekers were hired by partner companies of POSCO and SMEs.

Each year, the Ministry of Employment and Labor evaluates the performance of educational institutes that are participating in the Consortium for HRD Ability Magnified Program (CHAMP) on account of curriculum, training performance, the professionalism of trainers, the satisfaction of trainees, and so on.

“POSCO could attain such good results thanks to the cooperation of related organizations and affiliates,” said Soon-Ki Kim, Head of the Labor and Cooperation Office, who attended the award ceremony as POSCO’s representative. He added, “POSCO will continue to pursue shared growth with SMEs through customized programs and realize POSCO’s management philosophy, Corporate Citizenship.”

Employees of the POSCO SMEs Consortium Bureau decided to donate the entire 40 million KRW — an incentive received for being selected as the best institution — to the POSCO 1% Foundation.

Since introducing the consortium education program in 2005, POSCO has signed agreements with 450 companies and conducted training for over 600,000 employees as of present — leading the way for nurturing talent in SMEs.

This year, POSCO plans to further expand its customized education for employees in partner companies and SMEs. For this purpose, the company is conducting career analysis, training road map design, and curriculum development with a consulting agency specializing in vocational education. POSCO will also operate a customized curriculum centered on technical careers after August.

The company plans to continue providing job training support for young job seekers. In addition to enabling the recruitment of 200 personnel in SMEs and partner companies, POSCO has launched a new training program this year. The new program, in cooperation with POSCO Chemical, provides technical training that enables the installation of fire-resistant materials inside the blast furnace. POSCO is to actively participate in the government’s youth employment policy by supporting business partners and SMEs that face difficulties in securing outstanding personnel.

▲ Job seekers participating in the POSCO job training support are practicing electric welding.

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