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POSCO Recognized for ‘Safety Culture And Leadership’ by worldsteel


l POSCO well-received for establishing safety culture through ‘The Safety Golden Bell Challenge’
l POSCO operates creative safety-related activities including the adoption of ‘Safety’ Ring Back Tone and the introduction of Smart Watch

On October 21, POSCO was selected for excellence in the ‘safety culture and leadership’ area with the Safety Golden Bell Challenge at the 13th Safety & Health Excellence Recognition by worldsteel.

▲ POSCO and partner companies are participating in the Safety Golden Bell Challenge in Pohang last year October

The Safety & Health Excellence Recognition is presented to worldsteel member companies who have promoted outstanding safety activities in the following four areas — safety culture and leadership, occupational safety management, occupational health management, and process safety management. The evaluation is comprehensive and includes the maturity standard of safety culture, changes in safety indicators, and employee participation.

A total of 30 companies competed for this year’s recognition in the safety culture and leadership area, and three companies were selected: POSCO, Emirates Steel, and Tenaris.

POSCO was well received for elevating employees’ interest in safety knowledge and safety activities through the Safety Golden Bell Challenge, thus yielding positive effects, such as monitoring high and potential risks at work sites, participating in safety activities, and reducing hazardous behavior.

The company was also recognized for its achievements in establishing a safety culture by creating a communication stage where all employees of POSCO and partner companies can participate.

POSCO is working to make safety activities a common practice. To establish a happy, safe workplace, the company opened an in-house contest, “Safety Support Video,” in February. The winning videos were produced into a ring back tone within Pohang and Gwangyang Works and made into a safety support video that was played within the company building. In July, POSCO also introduced a Smart Watch that sends an immediate rescue signal when detecting an abnormality of the wearer. POSCO is carrying out creative safety activities to secure employee safety and improve the safety culture.

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