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POSCO Cultivates Overseas Employees Through Global Mobility Program


Since 2015, POSCO has been operating the Global Mobility Program (GMP), which is a job rotation program designed to train employees working for POSCO’s overseas affiliates. The six-month program offers exemplary employees with high potential for growth a chance to work at POSCO’s headquarters in Pohang, Korea. GMP participants also get full exposure to POSCO’s corporate culture and the opportunity to extend their personal and professional networks. To date, 50 employees have taken part in the GMP.

In June, 12 participants completed a two-week introduction course, where they got to learn about POSCO’s history, Korean culture and POSCO’s overall operations. Then, they were dispatched to each respective department for hands-on work experience.

In addition, participants can also integrate Korean language courses with work. As a result, most participants have already taken their TOPIK, a Korean language certification test, and received their certifications.

To close off the six-month program, GMP participants took part in a workshop on December 7, at the POSCO Center to share their results and discuss ways to improve the GMP.

Pedro, one of the participants from POSCO-Mexico said, “This has been an invaluable experience and my. I have a greater understanding of POSCO’s operations thanks to the GMP, and I have gained a totally new perspective on business. I will highly recommend this program to my colleagues.”

POSCO is currently in the process of selecting 30 GMP participants for 2018, a sharp increase in the numbers of participants compared to 21 employees this year so that P-level employees can participate in the program. POSCO will continue to train exemplary employees and strengthen the competitiveness of overseas affiliates through the GMP system.


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