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POSCO Named ‘Best Company to Work For’ for Eighth Consecutive Year


POSCO has been selected as one of the best companies to work for in South Korea for the eighth consecutive year by the Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC). KMAC developed the “Korea Great Work Place Index” and has been spotlighting the “30 Best Places to Work” and the “Best Place to Work per Industry” since 2008. The purpose is to present recognized standards for a “happy place to work.”

“The 30 Best Corporations” were selected from a total of 106 candidates (54 in manufacturing sector and 52 in service industry) and POSCO received the sixth place award in the manufacturing sector. KMAC surveyed over 6,900 industry workers and human resources specialists.

POSCO ranked high on the list for various aspects, including “Overall Happiness Level,” “Fair System” and “Excellent Vision.” For Fair System, POSCO was highly recognized for its systematic manpower training and excellent work environment, and for Excellent Vision, POSCO earned recognition for its industry leadership and corporate social responsibility.  POSCO ranked third in “Overall Happiness Level” in the manufacturer sector  for two years in a row, proving that POSCO has secured its position as a great place to work. In the Best Corporation in Each Industry section, POSCO ranked first in the steel industry sector for eight consecutive years since 2008, scoring 73.9.


Fostering Work-Life Balance

POSCO established POSCO Group University, specializing in training, in February this year to foster global manpower and support work-life balance for employees. It operates the POSCO Children Center and introduced a family-friendly work environment, implementing programs such as two-year maternity leave.

Meanwhile, Job Planet also highlighted POSCO as a “Best Company to Work For” in June for the first half of 2015. POSCO was ranked second after the SK Group. POSCO was especially ranked first and second in growth opportunity and work-life balance, respectively. POSCO is being recognized for its efforts to create a happier workplace for employees.

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