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POSCO Japan Becomes ‘Authorized Economic Operator’


On 1st February, POSCO Japan was certified with AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) by Tokyo Customs, bolstering the close relationship with the corporate in Japan and POSCO’s headquarters in Seoul.


What is AEO?

Let me explain about AEO for those who are not quite familiar with it. Since the September 11 tragedy in New York, the World Customs Organization introduced a series of criteria for health and safety measures for shippers, customs brokers, carriers, warehouses, ship operators, aviation distributors and unlading traders. If one satisfies the set of standards, AEO certificate is granted as a sign of the company’s high level of liability. In Japan, a total of 455 companies have been granted with the certificate since 2006 and only 84 of them are qualified as the importers with special customs certificate.



Meaning of the privileged customs certificate

The accreditation of AEO for POSCO Japan meant a lot to us because our corporate has become the only holder of the special customs certificate except POSCO’s Korea headquarters within POSCO’s global network. It took POSCO Japan only a year and three months for document screenings and an on-site due-diligence required for AEO. I heard it would normally take much longer, three years for some cases, to be granted with the privilege as it asks for strict scrutiny tests. Now, you would know how proud we were of ourselves here in POSCO Japan.

I am pretty much sure that it will boost our clients’ satisfaction towards POSCO Japan’s services. With this new privilege, POSCO Japan can now import steel products from Korea with import declaration and approval before the cargos arrive, which would accelerate the processes of order, delivery and lead time. Also, we will be able to respond much faster if our client demands re-importation of certain products with the AEO special customs certificate.



I am delighted to deliver POSCO Japan’s latest triumph as my first POSCO Storyteller commitment. It will strengthen our quality of service and build a much closer relationship with POSCO headquarters in Korea. I look forward posting more pleasant news from Japan in near future.


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