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POSCO Introduces Superb Technology of Non-Oriented Electrical Steel


POSCO introduced its unique non-oriented electrical steel technology while hosting the 2015 Hyper NO Forum, October 26-28. The first forum of its kind, the Hyper NO Forum was held to introduce POSCO’s non-oriented electrical steel, Hyper NO products and technology and strengthen POSCO’S partnership with local and international customers. More than 200 local and international customers from over 50 global auto and home appliances manufacturers were in attendance.


Domestic and international customers and POSCO employees attend the first Hyper NO Forum, October 26-28, at the POSCO Center


Oh Inhwan, Head of POSCO Steel Business Division, opens the ceremony as the keynote speaker

During the opening speech, Oh Inhwan, Head of POSC Steel Business Division said, “We will strive to develop innovative technology and support solution marketing to apply POSCO Hyper NO to high-efficiency motors for wind power plants worldwide, electric vehicles and home appliances.”


Forum attendees look at the vehicles on display from global car manufacturers in the POSCO Center Atrium


The PR booth, just outside the Art Hall, promoting POSCO’s products and technology, capture the attention of attendees

During the forum, numerous car motors and home appliances which use POSCO’s non-oriented electrical steel were displayed, grabbing the attention of attendees. In particular, the motor technology used for newly popular eco-friendly vehicles such as electric vehicles and hybrid cars, received huge interest from global customers. POSCO committed to partnerships that will contribute to its customers’ competitiveness through sales and technology discussions of non-oriented electrical steel with global customers.

Electrical steel is divided into GO (grain-oriented electrical steel), which is used for transformers, NO (non-oriented electrical steel), which is used for motors and Hyper NO, which is the premium NO material, featuring high-efficient energy consumption and low noise. As higher demand for Hyper NO is anticipated in the future, POSCO plans to respond preemptively to market needs and the high-efficiency motor trend.

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