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POSCO Implements Biweekly Four-Day Workweek Option


Effective from January 22, available to approximately 10,000 on-site employees, with the first day off on February 2

Maintains a 40-hour workweek, offering a day off every other Friday

Anticipates enhanced employee engagement and creativity through ample rest and personal development time

POSCO is set to implement a ‘Biweekly Four-Day Workweek Option.’ This new schedule will commence on January 22, 2024, with the first biweekly Friday off falling on February 2.

Since 2018, POSCO has enabled on-site employees to choose their most efficient working hours through the ‘Selective Working Hours System.’ Post-implementation, employees could define their arrival and departure times monthly, keeping within an average of 40 hours per week.

The newly introduced ‘Biweekly Four-Day Workweek Option’ retains the existing ‘Selective Working Hours System’ framework while expanding employees’ choice in working hours by eliminating the mandatory 4 hours of work every alternate Friday.

POSCO continuously strives to improve work systems to enhance ‘work-life balance’ and create a happier workplace for its employees. Additionally, the company aims to meet the flexible working needs of the younger generation, building a more desirable workplace.

Approximately 10,000 on-site employees can choose between the newly established biweekly four-day workweek or continue their current working pattern. Employees opting for the ‘Biweekly Four-Day Workweek’ will maintain an average of 40 working hours over two weeks, working five days during the first week and four days the following week. The standard working hours from Monday to Thursday are 9 and 8 hours every alternate Friday, with flexibility for personal adjustment.

On-site employees will have the opportunity every other week to take a long weekend, from Thursday evening through Sunday, for vacation or personal development activities. POSCO anticipates that the extended weekends every other week will allow employees to rejuvenate and engage in various personal development activities, enhancing work focus, creativity, and productivity.

Furthermore, by implementing the biweekly four-day workweek, POSCO plans to establish a ‘self-directed and responsible’ work culture, creating a happier workplace.

In addition to this, POSCO has also fostered a flexible work environment, enhancing employee engagement and creativity by promoting remote work through hub offices and allowing employees the freedom to choose their attire.

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