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POSCO HR Development Center Trains PECSA’s Newest Employees


From October 31 to November 11, training of the new recruits of PECSA (POSCO E&C Saudi Arabia), a joint venture between POSCO E&C and the Public Investment Fund (PIF), a sovereign wealth fund owned by Saudi Arabia, was held at the Songdo Human Resources Development Center. This training process was initiated to enhance the new employees’ understanding of the POSCO group’s management policy and of Korean culture.

During the first week of the training program, nine PECSA employees took a tour of Pohang Works, participated in the Global EVI Forum and visited the construction site of the Songdo Convensia II. During the second week, they received job training at the Korea Institute of Construction Technology Education to build on the capabilities required for working at construction firms, such as project and contract management.

POSCO HR Development Center Trains PECSA’s Newest Employees

From October 31 to November 11, the POSCO HR Development Center trained the first set of new PESCA employees. Left, tea time with Chan-gun Han, the CEO of POSCO E&C. Right, the employees directly experience an aspect of Korean culture.

One notable meeting in particular, took place on November 9, when the new recruits had tea with Changun Han, the CEO of POSCO E&C, and talked about the history and the future direction of the company. At this meeting, the CEO explained the POSCO E&C 2030 plan, focusing on the company’s history and strengths, along with information on architecture, infrastructure and energy projects.

“POSCO E&C plans to concentrate on building stability through carrying out projects to advance into overseas markets while securing base nations through a selection and concentration strategy,” Han said. “I look forward to PECSA becoming the first business partner of POSCO E&C and the bridgehead to entering the overseas markets. I believe that PECSA and POSCO E&C will take the initiative in creating a success story in Saudi Arabia based on this sense of mission.”

POSCO HR Development Center Trains PECSA’s Newest Employees

PECSA’s new employees and POSCO Group University Educators pose for commemorative photos at the POSCO Global EVI Forum (left) and POSCO Center in Seoul (right).

Meanwhile, PECSA recently landed a $900 million hotel project in Madinah Hajj City near Medina City, Saudi Arabia in a construction and joint work system. PECSA is planning to become a “GCC* Top 5 construction company” by 2025 based on orders from the PIF and POSCO E&C’s advanced construction technology and know-how. In order to nurture the talent to support this, PECSA is planning to expand cooperation with the POSCO Group University.


GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council): A council consisting of six member countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.



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