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POSCO Hosts “2017 Global Volunteer Week” in 52 Countries


POSCO will hold its “2017 POSCO Global Volunteer Week” from May 24-30, where more than 79,000 volunteers from POSCO Group in 52 countries gather together to foster their local communities. Since 2010, POSCO has been hosting this company-wide initiative every year around May 29, the company’s foundation day.

Volunteer activities include helping to improve housing conditions for underprivileged neighborhoods, baking, painting murals, and mentoring the local youth. On May 30, POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon and over 30 employees will visit Myeongryundang of Sungkyunkwan Munmyo (a Confucian shrine) and help repair and replace the Changhoji (traditional Korean paper made from mulberry bark for doors and windows).

This photo shows POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon volunteering from last year’s Global Volunteer Week.

POSCO hosts the “’2017 POSCO Global Volunteer Week” from May 24-30. This photo shows POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon and other employees volunteering during last year’s Global Volunteer Week.

Volunteer activities will also take place in the various countries where POSCO Group branches are located (China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico and Poland). Volunteer activities are customized for local communities and range from improving and repairing the welfare facilities in slum areas to cleaning up the environment and setting up cultural activities for disabled children.

Not only does POSCO ask its employees to help strengthen the community through the Global Volunteer Week, but it also contributes to the POSCO 1% Sharing Foundation to assist those in need.


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