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POSCO Holds Special Education Program, Bolstering Global Staff’s Work Capacity


From June 24th to July 5th, POSCO ran an education program for the global staffs working at overseas corporations. 10 employees from POSCO America, POSCO China and POSCO South Asia participated in the two-week program to build more in-depth knowledge over POSCO’s operations and cultivate their sense of belongingness as a team. They learned about basic information for every product manufactured by POSCO, how to engage with manufacturing process and claims, and conveying on-site researches. After the OJT session, the participants visited automobile companies and Gwangyang Steelworks to cultivate the essential insights around POSCO’s production process in general.



‘One-to-One Mentoring System’ For Global Staffs and POSCO HQ Employees

On the last day of the education session at POSCO HQ, a ceremony for ‘One-to-One Mentoring System’ was held between the global staffs and POSCO HQ employees. The system was initiated in 2011 by POSCO South Asia’s suggestion to manage local customers effectively by using the local language and learning their culture. Since the launch, POSCO has been supporting the mentoring initiative in order to develop POSCO global staffs’ capabilities to become professional business consultants.


POSCO Continues Efforts to Strengthen Global Staff’s Competence

So far, POSCO has recruited a total of 25 global staff worldwide, and they are currently supporting sales drive with POSCO’s overseas technology service providers in different countries. When a claim occurs, they are at the forefront to visit the customer who flagged the claim and provide prompt services. POSCO’s global staffs are also working on releasing real-time news monitoring which includes VOC (voice of customer), market condition and other significant information about local areas. By the end of this year, all of the 25 POSCO global staffs would be joining the mentoring system.

POSCO will also continue supporting the global staffs via ‘Smart Workplace System,’ which would enable them to take parts in the online training sessions with their mentors at POSCO HQ. ‘Hello, POSCO’ will continue delivering the stories of our global staffs and their activities.


Interviews with POSCO Global Staff

 Park Min from POSCO China’s Guangzhou Technical Cetner

It was the first time I set my feet on Korean soil. I learned and felt many things during the two-week education program. For all of us who participated in the sessions as POSCO’s Global Staff, it was truly a precious opportunity. Before coming to Korea, I thought I knew about POSCO. But now, I feel much more proud of the company I am working for with a greater responsibility. I would like to thank everyone who put so much effort to make this happen at the HQ.


Lee Bong-bin from POSCO China’s Shanghai Technical Center

The ceremony for ‘One-to-One Mentoring System’ was very worthwhile during this program. It was a moving experience when the mentors and mentees were reading out letters to each other during the ceremony. The visit to Gwangyang Steelworks was another significant activity for POSCO Global Staff over the two weeks. Notably, the education about steelmaking and continuous casting process was really impressive. After all, it was a meaningful visit because I could experience Korean culture and what it is like to be working for POSCO in Korea.


Baek Woon-bong from POSCO China’s Shenyang Technical Center

I could gain more in-depth knowledge about POSCO’s products, manufacturing process and material analysis. Experiencing all of these vital activities of POSCO helped me a lot to understand what I am dealing with here at POSCO China. I now feel so much more confident of responding to customers’ VOC because I will be able leverage the things I learned during the program. I will put my utmost effort to become a proud Global Staff for POSCO.


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