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POSCO Holds the 50th General Meeting for Shareholders


POSCO held the 50th General Meeting for shareholders and the board of directors (BOD) meeting at the POSCO Center on March 9. More than 200 domestic and overseas shareholders, including the representatives of overseas shareholders and institutional investors, attended the meeting. Former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Seong-jin Kim was newly elected as an outside director and former chairman of the Korea Employers Federation Byeong-won Park was re-elected as an outside director. CEO & President In-hwan Oh and vice-presidents Joong-seon Jeon, In-hwa Jang and Seong Yoo were appointed as inside directors. At the BOD meeting held shortly after the general shareholders’ meeting, Joo-hyeon Kim was elected as chairman of the board of directors, and president In-hwa Jang, was announced as CEO.

BOD Chairman Joo-hyeon Kim has been an outside director of POSCO since 2015. He previously served as president of the Hyundai Research Institute and chairman of the Economic Subcommittee of the Presidential Committee for Unification Preparation.  He is currently the CEO of Financial News. He Seong-jin Kim, is an expert in industrial policies. He was the Deputy Director-General of Industry in the Prime Minister’s Office, a presidential secretary for policy management, a presidential secretary for industrial policies, the administrator of the Small and Medium Business Administration, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and president of Hankyong National University.  

CEO & President In-hwa Jang served as the head of multiple organizations, including the New Business Management Office of POSCO, the Steel Solution Marketing Office. and the Technology Investment Headquarters. He was also appointed as head of the Steel Production Headquarters last year, and oversaw steel production sites.

Joong-seon Jeon, served as head of the Raw Materials Purchasing Office of POSCO, head of the Management Strategy Office, and CEO of POSCO C&C. He was promoted to vice-president last month after being appointed as head of Corporate Strategy & Finance Center The shareholders approved the financial statements, reorganized expert committees and revised part of the Articles of Incorporation, including the increase of the number of outside directors.

POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon remarked at the general shareholders’ meeting, “POSCO celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. To make a new leap forward in 2018, we will further consolidate our world-leading position in the steel industry, reshuffle our business strategy by with a focusing on high-yield core businesses, converge create convergence businesses with group affiliates, and continuously seeking new business opportunities for our future growth.”

In addition, POSCO is planning to operate the CEO candidates nurturing program more substantially. This program establishes plans for individuals who were selected through an objective verification process from general managers and higher-ranking officials at POSCO and its affiliates, and nurtures them in a customized way. 100 people have benefitted from this program each year since March 2016. Program participants work for companies that POSCO invested in and for its overseas subsidiaries, while participating in leading domestic and overseas universities’ business management courses to foster their entrepreneurial competency and global mindset.

Meanwhile, to repay the country and citizens for their continued support for POSCO since 1968, the business announced that they are planning to construct the Science and Technology Experience Center and the Cultural Complex as part of their activities to celebrate POSCO’s 50th anniversary.

Cover photo courtesy of News World.

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