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POSCO Fellowship alumni enjoy a homecoming


POSCO TJ Park Foundation holds the POSCO Asia Fellowship homecoming seminar

On March 19, the POSCO TJ Park Foundation held the POSCO Asia Fellowship homecoming seminar at the POSCO Center in Seoul. More than 50 master’s and doctoral degree recipients, as well as new students receiving scholarships from the foundation, attended the event, sharing information about life in Korea and reinforcing their networks.

Speaking at the homecoming seminar were seven graduates who earned their degrees through the support of the POSCO TJ Park Foundation and who have continued working in Korea instead of going back home. They talked about their diverse experiences, such as school life, paths to employment, and Korean corporate culture. The new scholarship recipients enthusiastically asked questions and shared their own information.

POSCO Fellowship

POSCO Fellowship

On March 19, POSCO TJ Park Foundation scholarship recipients and graduates attended the POSCO Asia Fellowship homecoming seminar at POSCO Center in Seoul. Over 50 students on scholarships and graduates from 12 countries, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and India, attended the seminar.


“I was happy to introduce my school life and career in Korea to the new students,” said Ms. Nguyen, a Sogang University graduate who is now in charge of Vietnam-related global affairs at Samsung Life Insurance. “Thanks to the support of the POSCO TJ Park Foundation, I am learning about Korean companies’ keys to success and I look forward to becoming a financial expert on Vietnam.”


POSCO Asia Fellowships nurture talent, turning them into next-generation global leaders

POSCO TJ Park Foundation operates the POSCO Asia Fellowship program to promote the exchange of talent among Asian countries and nurture global leaders. Since 2005, the foundation has run a scholarship program that invites promising talent from around Asia to Korea and supports them so they can earn master’s and doctoral degrees. Students chosen for the scholarship receive full support for their tuition fees and living expenses from the POSCO TJ Park Foundation for their studies in Korea.

Since 2005, the POSCO TJ Park Foundation has spent more than 10 billion won (about $8.6 million) on its scholarship program, helping more than 300 outstanding students from 28 countries around Asia.

The POSCO TJ Park Foundation will continue to support talented people around Asia, to help them grow into the next-generation global leaders, and to provide them with many occasions like the homecoming seminar to gather together, network and learn from each other.

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