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POSCO E&C: Rising Star in Southeast Asia


POSCO E&C recently won a contract to build the Matarbari coal-fired thermal power plant construction project in Bangladesh.

The Matarbari power plant construction project includes the construction of a 1200㎿ (600㎿ x 2ea) coal-fired thermal power plant on Matarbari Island, Chittagong, approximately 280km southeast of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Site improvement and port construction are also part of the project, expected to last 7 years. POSCO E&C invested a total of USD 4.5 billion in this project which is the largest coal-fired thermal power generation project in Southwest Asia. POSCO E&C is in charge of civil engineering for the power plant worth USD 840 million and the construction of the coal processing facilities and subsidiary facilities.

The Bangladeshi government and the Japanese government have been working together on this project as a means to speed up the low electrification rate of Bangladesh. The Sumitomo Corporation Consortium, which has been cooperating with POSCO E&C, won the contract last month from the project owner Coal Power Generation Company Bangladesh Limited.

POSCO E&C also recently won the contract to build the Yangon Waterworks Improvement Project in Myanmar worth USD 53 million. POSCO E&C selected Myanmar as one of its 5 strategic countries, and built the Yangon Hotel, the tallest landmark building in Myanmar. It is now accelerating its efforts to make inroads into the Myanmar construction market. Both projects are funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

POSCO E&C President Chan-geon Han said, “We won this contract thanks to our world-class EPC technology and expertise, which has been recognized in the Central and South American energy plant markets. This contract is all the more meaningful because we won it at a time of declining overseas business due to a dip in international oil prices.”


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