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POSCO Certifies 102 INNOVILT Products for 2020


l POSCO holds four sessions of brand committee in 2020 and selects 102 products from 66 companies as INNOVILT products
l The newly certified products following the fourth committee include products co-developed by POSCO and clients, such as the ‘Augerbits Drilled Wing Pile’ and the ‘High Strength Helical Pile’

On October 6, POSCO held the 4th INNOVILT Brand Committee and certified 30 INNOVILT products from 23 companies. Hence, a total of 102 INNOVILT products from 66 companies have been selected in the first year since the launch of the INNOVILT brand last year.

The brand name “INNOVILT” stands for Innovation, Value, and Built, and aims to innovate the value of the construction industry through POSCO Premium Steel. To become an ‘INNOVILT’ product, the steel material should be 100% POSCO or POSCO Group steel. Next, it should pass an evaluation of the product technology, marketability, and also the stability and management ability of the producer.

Among the fourth round of INNOVILT certified products, stands out cases where POSCO’s technology and client companies worked in cooperation. The Augerbits Drilled Wing (ADW) Pile of Dowon foundation&grouting co., Ltd and Dong Yang S. Tec’s STP550 High Strength Helical Pile that utilizes Steel Tube Pile 550 (STP550) fabricated with POSCO High strength steel PosH690 are representative examples. Both products adopt rotating compression by attaching spiral blades to high-strength steel pipes, to improve the conventional construction method, which causes much noise, vibration, and dust scattering. Since these complaints continue to increase at construction sites in urban areas, these INNOVILT products are expected to take center stage in the future.

Another feature of the new 4th INNOVILT products is that the criteria of subject products have been expanded from structural, interior & exterior, and civil engineering steel construction material to kitchen furniture and partitions used within a building. The ‘Quadra sink bowl’ series from LIVINGKITCHEN CO.,LTD is a premium sink bowl that fabricates a square shape using POSCO stainless steel (STS304J1). Lisquare’s Antibacterial Class Premium Kitchen Furniture is a premium line of kitchen furniture with outstanding design and beautiful colors applied on stainless steel, PosMAC printed steel plates, and PosART, and yet complementing the conventional wood products that are weak in durability.

Once certified as an INNOVILT product, the client company receives an INNOVILT signboard, and now the client company can sell its steel construction material with the INNOVILT certification tag attached to it. Also, POSCO provides client companies with the opportunity to meet general construction companies and design companies in person and helps in promoting and expanding sales of INNOVILT products. Application for the 5th INNOVILT products will be received through the POSCO official website and INNOVILT website in December.

In addition to expanding INNOVILT products, POSCO plans to pioneer new markets by applying these outstanding products in group company businesses, including POSCO E&C and POSCO Steel Plate. These efforts will allow POSCO to lead the advancement of the steel construction material market and practice the shared value of its management philosophy, Corporate Citizenship

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