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POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon Visits CES 2018


POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon attended CES 2018, the world’s largest home appliance and IT Expo, held in Las Vegas. This was CEO Kwon’s first time attending CES and he was accompanied by Doo-hwan Choi, CEO of POSCO ICT, and Mi-hwa Park, head of POSCO Information Planning Department.

Since last February, CEO Kwon has visited Siemens, GE and other businesses in Silicon Valley to explore new technologies and expand POSCO Group’s smartization plan. At CES 2018, CEO Kwon saw first-hand the latest smart technologies and plans to implement them to all of POSCO’s core businesses including steel, construction, IT and energy. He also met officials from leading smart companies such as GE and DPR Construction, and examined possibilities for cooperation over commercializing POSCO’s smart solutions.

CEO Kwon explores CES 2018

POSCO Kwon met Heilmann Matthias, President and CEO of Digital Solutions at Baker Hughes General Electric (BHGE). Matthias oversees the digital solution business of GE Group, and the two discussed the development of PosFrame, POSCO’s proprietary smart platform, its compatibility with Predix, GE’s smart platform, as well as the possibility for joint commercialization.

In particular, POSCO ICT is planning to sign an MOU with DPR Construction, the world leader in Smart Construction, to collaborate on smart projects and find opportunities to apply new ICT technologies to construction. Through this MOU, the two companies will cooperate on projects such as constructing and operating highly-efficient, low-cost data centers and smart factories controlled by PosFrame.

CEO Kwon also visited the automobiles, home appliances, smart city and smart home exhibition booths. He examined the latest tech trends of IT utilization in steel-consuming industries to develop compatible materials and steel solutions.

He also made sure to explore electric vehicle (EV) batteries and new IT technologies surrounding EVs, as lithium materials are the new growth engine of the company. CEO Kwon also evaluated the possibility of securing new markets for the group’s construction business at home and abroad.

POSCO Group plans to continue searching for new, innovative solutions to apply to its smartization efforts and actively develop domestic and overseas data centers and smart factory markets.

Cover photo courtesy of BGR.

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