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POSCO Back to KRW 60 Trillion in Sales


On January 24, POSCO announced its consolidated sales of KRW 60.6551 trillion, operating profit of KRW 4.6218 trillion and a net profit of KRW 2.9735 trillion. The company first reached KRW 60 trillion in sales in 2011 and kept it up for 4 years. However, sales dropped down to around KRW 50 trillion in 2015 due to restructuring, and now it is finally back to KRW 60 trillion. Last year’s sales were significant as the company reached KRW 60 trillion after cutting back ties with over 80 affiliates both in Korea and overseas.

With the performance increase in both steel and non-steel businesses in Korea and overseas, operating profit was highest it’s been in the last 6 years, and the operating profit to sales ratio was 7.6 percent. Year-on-year consolidated sales increased by 14.3 percent and operating profit and net profit increased by 62.5 percent and 183.7 percent respectively.

The total operating profit of POSCO’s non-steel businesses, which reached KRW 10 billion last year, also turned into a surplus. There was an overall increase in non-steel businesses including trade, energy, ICT, chemicals and materials, resulting in KRW 1.0927 trillion of profits, up KRW 1.0798 trillion from last year.

This is in line with POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon’s strategy to focus on group management by securing future growth engines and reforming non-steel businesses.

※ Total operating profit per sector

(KRW 100 million) 2016 2017 YoY
Steel 29,270 36,046 +6,776
  POSCO 26,353 29,025 +2,672
Overseas steel 1,371 4,763 +3,392
Non-steel 129 10,927 +10,798

Indonesia-based integrated steel mill, PT. KRAKATAU POSCO, also generated a surplus for the first time since operations began in 2014. Mexico-based automotive steel sheet plant, POSCO Mexico, as well as India-based cold rolled steel corporation, POSCO Maharashtra, also achieved their highest operating profit, tripling the total operating profit of overseas steel business.

Moreover, separate sales and operating profit increased year-on-year by 17.4 percent and 10.1 percent respectively to KRW 28.5538 trillion and KRW 2.9025 trillion, and the net profit was KRW 2.5457 trillion.

Production and sales decreased year-on-year due to the repair and facility rationalization of Pohang Blast Furnace No. 3, but the sales ratio of World Premium products with better technology and higher returns increased to 53.4 percent, its higher ever.

Financial soundness was also saw improvements. POSCO’s Consolidated debt ratio decreased by 7.5%p year-on-year to 66.5 percent, the lowest since 2010. Separate debt ratio also decreased by 0.5%p year-on-year to 16.9 percent, constantly renewing the lowest record on a yearly basis.

POSCO also demonstrated a cumulative financial improvement of KRW 7 trillion with 150 cases of restructuring in the last 4 years, reinforcing the business structure as well as financial competency. Accordingly, this year the company expects to make more investments in new growth engines such as lithium and cathode materials as well as energy and construction in addition to renewing the facilities at its steel mills. Thus, there will be a budget of KRW 4.2 trillion for consolidated investment, an increase of KRW 1.6 trillion compared to last year. The consolidated sales target is KRW 61.9 trillion.

※ POSCO’s 2017 business performance

Division Consolidated
2015 2016 2017  
Sales (KRW 100 million) 581,923 530,835 606,551 14.3%
Operating profit (KRW 100 million) 24,100 28,443 46,218 62.5%
Net profit (KRW 100 million) △962 10,482 29,735 183.7%
Division Separate
2015 2016 2017  
Sales (KRW 100 million) 256,072 243,249 285,538 17.4%
Operating profit (KRW 100 million) 22,382 26,353 29,025 10.1%
Net profit (KRW 100 million) 13,183 17,850 25,457 42.6%

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