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POSCO Achieves Sales of 1 Million Tons of Thick Plates to EEW Group


ㅣRecorded sales of one million tons of thick plates to EEW Group, world’s no. 1 wind power industry structure manufacturer
ㅣStrengthening ties with overseas clients to expand into the global market and create new demands

On October 2, POSCO held a ceremony at the headquarters of EEW Group in Germany to celebrate the sales of one million tons of thick plates to EEW Group and delivered an appreciation plaque to commemorate the occasion. The ceremony was attended by executives of both parties, including Young-Ki Seo, head of POSCO Energy Shipbuilding Materials Marketing Office, Jorg Schorge and Christoph Schorge, Chairman of EEW Group, and Bong-Nam Kim, head of POSCO Daewoo Energy and Shipbuilding Steel Division.

“We have maintained a longstanding partnership for 18 years. We highly appreciate EEW’s confidence in POSCO’s products, which made possible the achievement of sales of more than 1 million tons of thick plates. We look forward to our continuing this strong partnership into the future,” said Young-Ki Seo, head of POSCO Energy Shipbuilding Materials Marketing Office.

Christoph Schorge responded, “We thank POSCO for visiting us all the way from Korea and hope this will be an opportunity for both companies to grow even further.”

EEW Group is a leading Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) steel pipe business corporation with over 80-years of experience supplying high quality SAW steel pipes to the energy industry. In 2000, EEW Group established a production base in Korea and initiated a business partnership with POSCO, strengthening its global competitiveness by incorporating POSCO’s high-quality steel plate technology into EEW Group’s large-scale steel pipe manufacturing technology. In 2015, EEW established a second plant manufacturing facility in Korea to better address the needs of the Asian market while strengthening partnership with POSCO.

POSCO has been increasing sales of thick plates in the global market by partnering with leading overseas clients including EEW group. Going forward, POSCO plans to increase supply to major oil and gas companies such as Exxon Mobil and Saudi Aramco, while actively creating new business opportunities in the wind power industry, which is growing as the next-generation energy source.

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