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Paris Motor Show 2014 and POSCO #2: Interview with Hyun-ju Lee, the Sales Manager of Automotive Flat Products Sales Group


Last week, we have introduced POSCO’s contribution in the production of Renault’s ‘EOLAB’, the concept car that made its first appearance in the Paris Motor Show 2014. The car was highlighted for its eco-friendly efficiency brought by its extraordinary lightness. And, POSCO’s advanced high strength steels were the key factor for the lightweight feature. Today, we would like to share an interview with Hyun-ju Lee, the Sales Manager of Automotive Flat Products Sales Group.


Please Give Us A Brief Introduction And Your Account At POSCO!
Since my entrance to POSCO in 2010, I have been working in the auto steel plate sales team and actively participating in field sales activity. Before joining POSCO, I was an engineer in charge of developing an engine in automobile company. However, as I start new at POSCO, I jumped into marketing with a strong passion in mind. Maybe it is due to my destiny with automobiles, I am now conducting automobile steel plate sales business! Until about a month ago, I was in charge of sales targeted to GM Korea. Because of my responsibility to handle contract issues, I had frequent meetings with client companies. My major work revolves around managing and signing of the key contracts that are vital in achieving corporate’s annual sales goal. Hence going on 100+ business trips a year became the norm to maintain good relationships with the existing clients and to meet new clients. Now I can breeze through a business trip from Seoul to Bupyeong.

Looking Back On Your Past Experiences, What Do You Consider As The Most Essential Quality Of A Marketing Manager

3From five years of my past experiences, I believe that the basic quality required for a marketing manager is ability to ‘scratch the itch that they can’t reach’. For instance, the quality of products must be impeccable and they need to be provided in timely fashion. Every tiny detail that our clients might demand must be handled with scrupulous attention. As we build trust through sincere endeavors to enhance in every aspect, we were able to fully experience the true communication with our clients.

Automobiles Are The Outcome Of Constant Cooperation Between POSCO And Its Clients! Is There A Special Motif That Sparked Your Interest In Automobiles?
I don’t recall a significant motif but I’ve been realizing many fascinating aspects of automobiles ever since I started working as an automobile engineer. One of the biggest charms is that automobile is the product of collaboration of a number of professionals from various industries and companies. Also, despite its high price as a consumer goods, I believe it is wonderful that automobiles can provide a topic for any conversation with anyone at anywhere.

What Is The Sales Status Of Auto Steel Sheets In Regards To GM Korea?
Even in the current status of increasing foreign steel products, POSCO Auto Steel Sheet Marketing Team has led to a situation where a large portion of GM Korea’s steel products are being supplied by POSCO. Also, we have recently established a global process which provides high-quality products with competitive price and continue to participate in technical collaborations required for developing a new automobile prototype.

What Is The Biggest Difficulty You Are Facing As A Salesman?
From last month, I have been managing steel sheet sales targeting Renault Samsung Motors and SsangYong motors. Though I am very excited about encountering new clients, when we consider increasing competition of production cost in the current market, I am always contemplating the best approach to accomplish a Win-Win outcome for both POSCO and the clients.

What Do You Wish To Do At POSCO In The Future?

1Currently, I am in charge of domestic business at POSCO, but I would like to work on overseas export in the future. Although automobile companies and steel companies are already cooperating in various aspects, I believe that there are many more opportunities and possibilities to lead to an enhanced collaboration from production to completion. Therefore, I wish to continue the cooperative efforts with numerous more companies and people in the future.

According to Mr. Hyun-ju Lee, he always reminds himself of the very first day he started working as a ‘salesman’. By reading about Mr. Lee who is constantly striving and learning from past and present, we hope everyone can feel positive and motivated as you reach the end of this post!

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