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Korean Communication Poles to be Exclusively Designed with POSCO’s ATOS Steel


As a result of the strategic alliance between POSCO and Korea’s major mobile network carriers, all communication poles—the supporting structures of mobile communication repeaters—installed in the country’s mountainous regions will now be designed exclusively with POSCO’s AuTOmobile Structural Steel (ATOS).

Since installing the first communication pole using ATOS steel near Daejeon in central Korea on October 6, POSCO has already completed the installation of ten poles.

To facilitate the transition, POSCO recently completed the standardization of its own specifications. These, along with information regarding the switch in changing steel grades, were discussed with representatives from KT Corporation at a POSCO-led briefing session on October 25.

Until now, mobile carriers had used general materials in the construction of communication poles. But, as natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons have become more commonplace, the risk of fires related to overturned communication poles has increased. Subsequently, there has been growing public concern over related safety issues. In particular, since the installation of these poles is largely dependent on human resources, it is essential to reduce their weight and eliminate the hazards associated with the process.

To meet evolving market demands, POSCO put much effort into developing crossover ideas for the application of ATOS steel, which had previously been used for cranes and frames for special vehicles. Based on the results of its solution marketing research, the company found communication poles to be an appropriate fit.

In the process, POSCO succeeded in gaining the trust of its clients while ensuring satisfaction by not only supplying steel materials, but also providing support in the structural analysis needed for the application of high strength steel to communication poles.

Korean Communication Poles to be Exclusively Designed with POSCO’s ATOS Steel

POSCO holds a briefing session regarding the application of the company’s specialized steel material, ATOS steel, to communication poles on October 25 at the KT Daejeon Office.

“POSCO’s strategic alliance with mobile carriers has brought about a complete paradigm shift in materials for communication poles,” remarked Ingyu Hwang, Director of the Korea Structural Engineering IT Research Institute. “Since national safety is the top priority in applying ATOS steel to communication poles, this material will perform a significant role in the corresponding market in the future.”

POSCO will continue to conduct evolved solutions marketing by exploring crossover ideas and establishing new business models. In this way, the company will elevate the general materials market in Korea to a high-value steel materials market.


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