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[INNOVILT Alliance Journal] ⑤ Jooshin Co., Ltd., a Manufacturer of ZintaMax


Join POSCO Newsroom for its next story of INNOVILT Alliance Journal! The fifth story is about the visit to Jooshin Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of ZintaMax.

Finishing materials are used to complete the exterior part of a building. They serve to enhance the aesthetic features of the building as well as protect the surface from external impacts. The materials are categorized into interior and exterior material, roofing material, etc., according to their usage. Since finishing materials are exposed — thus visible and touchable — unlike structural materials, the context of a building can vary depending on which finishing material is used.

Jooshin Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and selling finishing materials optimized for various purposes, such as for exterior walls of buildings, interior, roofs, and so on. Founded in 2001, the company has worked on product development continuously and, as a result, grown into a small giant with more than 40 patents today. Behind the impressive performance, CEO Myeong-Woo Yoo’s management philosophy, change and innovation, lies.

▲ CEO Myeong-Woo Yoo explaining the management philosophy of Jooshin Co., Ltd.

“Jooshin does not develop a product unless a patent is a prerequisite. It means that we focus only on high value-added products that go beyond conventional products with new non-existent ideas. The conditions in the market change from day to day and demands from clients are becoming more challenging. That is why Jooshin aims to create new trends by grasping and responding to market changes.”

The persistent efforts did bear fruits. Currently, Jooshin Co., Ltd. stands out as a company leading the top 1% of roof and exterior market in Korea. In 2016, the company developed roof and exterior materials that adopt POSCO steel plate and SUPER ALCOSTA, a highly corrosion and heat resistant aluminum plated steel plate, and participated in major public projects, such as the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Stadium and Incheon International Airport. At the beginning of this year, seven of the company’s products were selected as POSCO INNOVILT products. As a result, it has become a single company with the most INNOVILT products. Among them, ZintaMax, the main product of the company, is the subject today.

l ZintaMax, The Beauty Imposed by Variations of Straight Lines

ZintaMax is a block-shaped finishing material that stretches out in a straight line. It can be installed on the exterior and interior walls of the building, on the ceiling, and all other places, excluding the roof. Since each finishing material has different strengths and employs different construction methods depending on where it is adopted, there aren’t many products that can be used for multiple purposes. On the other hand, ZintaMax is highly versatile as it can be installed anywhere a finishing material is needed with high strength and simple construction method thanks to PosMAC, its raw material.

Then what about the design? At first glance, you might think that simple straight lines and curves are all about the product, but many different kinds of design can be created by using ZintaMax. Its sizing can be flexible to fit for various purposes. For example, if you drill a hole and install it with lighting, it transforms into a decent interior material.

And this is not all. By utilizing the color printed steel product, which is a trend in the market these days, it is also possible to produce ZintaMax in diverse colors and patterns, such as yellow, blue, wood, and marble. POSCO’s PosMAC, the raw material of ZintaMax, goes under surface treatment at POSCO C&C and is then sent to Jooshin to be fabricated into the product. POSCO’s Jin-Ah Kim explained, “The color printed steel of POSCO C&C embodies the features of other materials almost perfectly so there is little difference in appearance from actual wood or marble. It is an eco-friendly material that can realize the interior and exterior desired by clients without damaging nature.”

Another thing, with POSCO C&C’s Multi-Color Steel Sheet, more diverse designs can be created. Multi-Color Steel Sheet is a color steel product where multiple colors can be expressed simultaneously on a single-coil, and POSCO C&C is the sole domestic manufacturer. POSCO’s Jin-Ah Kim said, “When ZintaMax is made with these Multi-Color Steel Sheets, all the colors of the convex and concave parts can be expressed differently. The distinct and specialized design can satisfy the diverse needs of clients.”

l Design, Safety, Durability: 3-in-1!

ZintaMax, an innovative item in the conventional metal finishing material market, was born through collaboration between Jooshin Co., Ltd., and POSCO. While carrying out a joint study in 2019 regarding steel construction materials, Jooshin Co., Ltd., POSCO, and POSCO C&C came together to develop a finishing material with a unique design. Jooshin invested in facilities for production, while POSCO and POSCO C&C developed new colors and designs for the products. “No matter how good silk is, it can not be called a garment without proper altering. The case is the same here. Excellent products like the multi-color steel sheet and PosMAC will truly be acknowledged only when there are practical technologies to apply to buildings. POSCO and Jooshin worked on the details together, and ZintaMax is the result.”

Finishing material should be safe as well as aesthetically pleasing. How strong is ZintaMax against external stimuli, such as fire or corrosion? CEO Yoo proudly explained, “ZintaMax does not burn in fire and also has aesthetic features as well. These days, the incombustibility of finishing materials, like the roof and exterior materials, is being emphasized due to a series of fires that broke out in warehouses. Relevant laws have also been revised, banning the use of flammable finishing materials in buildings above three floors. ZintaMax is safe to use because it is made of POSCO C&C incombustible colored steel that does not ignite at high temperatures and generate less smoke and harmful gases.

Since it is made of POSCO steel, the finishing material is also highly resistant to corrosion. “PosMAC, the raw material of ZintaMax, has a stronger plating layer than conventional galvanized steel, so it is highly wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Generally, the cutting surfaces or parts that are scratched during installation gather rust. However, PosMAC has an oxide layer called Simonkolleite made by plating zinc with magnesium and aluminum. This layer prevents the corrosion of the surface as well as the machined parts.

l INNOVILT ZintaMax: How Are They Made?

The aesthetic yet safe and durable ZintaMax. How is it made? The entire process was walked along with an explanation from Jae-Wook Yoo. He said, “The manufacturing process of ZintaMax is largely divided into three stages. The large steel coil that you can see over there is color printed steel made of PosMAC. POSCO’s PosMAC is coated at POSCO C&C and delivered here to Jooshin in coil shapes. The coil-shaped steel sheets go under an Uncoiler to make them flat. Next, they pass through the forming roll where they are shaped into desired forms. When they are put into the roller, the bumpy shapes of the ZintaMax are complete.” The manufacturing process was as simple as its construction method. The shortened construction period could also help reduce cost.

What is unique is that most of these processes are performed directly on site. It is a differentiated part from general finishing materials that are transported to the construction site after making finished products at the factory. Director Yoo Jae-wook said, “Because we look at the building to be applied in the field and make it right away, it can be constructed without any length limitation.”

l You Can See ZintaMax Here!

Buildings adopting ZintaMax can easily be found around us. Starbucks, the mega-franchise coffee shop, is an example. The recent Starbucks coffee shop that opened in Gimhae adopted a wooden pattern ZintaMax to the front of its exterior wall. On the outside, it looks just like wood. “If the walls were made with real wood, the processing cost would have been high, and there must have been a fair amount of logging.” On the side and back walls of the coffee shop building, a dark-gray zinc pattern ZintaMax was applied. The entire building demonstrates the attractive features of the color printed steel sheets that can embody all materials and colors without any restrictions. The charms of ZintaMax can also be seen in other various buildings, including the Gwangyang POSCO Childcare Center and the Sharp Gallery in Seoul.

Export prospects also look bright. Jae-Wook Yoo said, “We have received positive responses from Southeast Asian clients for suggesting wooden patterned ZintaMax. ZintaMax, which has both the durability and design features of steel, will serve as a definite alternative in Southern Asia where the deformation of construction wood is frequent due to hot weather.” He also added, “Although all discussions have been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect tangible results soon.”

l Jooshin & POSCO, “Standing Out by Working Together”

If there is a single word that binds Jooshin and POSCO, it would be “First Mover”. Jooshin has been expanding the use of not only PosMAC but also PosPVD, a next-generation surface-treated steel plate developed by POSCO, in the steel construction material market. Regarding the cooperation between the two companies, Jae-Wook Yoo stated, “Working with POSCO Group, I could feel the passion that the entire group has for developing new products. They are eager to lead the market and do not hesitate to try out different attempts. Just like a pioneering leader. Such features fit well with the identity of Jooshin, which is to pursue creativity and innovation.”

Jin-Ah Kim also responded, “Whenever we find clients who are worried about how to construct with colored steel, we show them ZintaMax. ZintaMax is proactively applied to projects of POSCO E&C, and so it is not an exaggeration to say that it is growing together with POSCO Group. Jooshin always stimulates us with new ideas making us wonder where else we can use POSCO products in such a variety of ways.”

With the INNOVILT Alliance, the synergy shown by the two companies is expected to expand further. Both companies are working together on the R&D of a louver* with non-flammable performance. Conventional wooden louvers are flame-retardant, but not non-flammable, so if this collaboration is successful, a safer louver can be introduced to the market. *louver: interior wood material used to prevent glare.

CEO Myeong-Woo Yoo commented that INNOVILT Alliance is a strategy of going together. At the end of the interview, he said, ”I’m excited for POSCO’s challenge to create a new structure with partner companies. Though the way of going together might not be easy, I am looking forward to the future that Jooshin and POSCO will create together.”

※ This content was produced in compliance with the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines before ‘Social Distancing Step 2.5’ was imposed.

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