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Five High Manganese Steels for Limitless Innovations


POSCO’s five types of High Manganese Steel (HMS) are innovative solutions to various industries’ material and technological limitations. HMS is a mixture of iron and high levels of Manganese. In precise ratios, the steel alloy will have properties such as wear-resistance, high formability and non-magnetism. These developments are significant for the applicable industries because Manganese is lower in material and production costs than other types of alloying elements with similar properties. This means manufacturers can cut back on the cost of production without compromising the quality of steel.

Here’s a close look at the 5 types of HMS and how each can lead to innovations in its respective industry.

High Mn Steel for Slurry Pipes (PosM_XD)

POSCO’s HMS for slurry pipelines utilizes a work hardening property so it gets harder as it wears down. It is perfect for handling slurry, a mixture of sand, rock and bitumen because it has twice the abrasion resistance of traditional steel pipes. POSCO also developed a welding technology for such pipes that cuts down production costs. POSCO and ExxonMobil made headlines this year with the announcement that POSCO will produce and supply its HMS slurry pipelines to ExxonMobil’s oil sands project in Canada worth USD 22 billion. Currently, there are 1.2 kilometers of HMS slurry pipes in Canada. POSCO also produced all the accompanying welding consumables and technology.

High Mn Steel- High resistance & Wear-resistant (PosM_AR)

This is another type of HMS that is ideal for construction, heavy equipment and bulletproof gear for the military as it allows a longer lifespan and decreases structural failures. It is also cheaper in materials costs than traditional high-resistant and wear-resistant steels. The global demand for high strength steels is forecasted to rise into 2023, due to the overall increase in middle-class population, infrastructure developments and a prosperous manufacturing sector. HMS for construction and heavy equipment will become increasingly relevant as more and more engineers and construction workers opt to use these types of affordable, long-lasting and high strength steels.

Non-magnetic High Mn Steel (PosM_PM)

Non-magnetic HMS is critical for electric power equipment, electromagnetic induction devices, superconductive nuclear power generation and stealth function devices. Even though it is less costly than other similar products, it has high tensile and yield strength as well as an elongation of over 40 percent. Most importantly, it retains its non-magnetic properties even after deformation.

High Mn Cryogenic Steel (PosM_CS)

POSCO’s Cryogenic Steel retains its strength and toughness even in freezing temperatures. It also saves manufacturers materials and production costs, and thus it made up the world’s first LNG-fueled bulk carrier with a 50,000-ton capacity. POSCO teamed up with ILSHIN LOGISTICS to build the biggest LNG carrier in the world for Hyundai Mipo Dockyard. POSCO provided the HMS solution for the 500 m3 capacity Type ‘C’ LNG fuel tanklocated on the aft mooring deck, as well as all of the accompanying welding technology. This project was a giant leap towards greener shipping.The material is applicable to not only LNG carriers but also LNG stations and terminals.

High Mn Automotive TWIP Steel (950/1180 TWIP)

Amid tightening regulations on the environment, fuel efficiency and safety, Automotive TWIP Steel is ideal for cars because of its high strength and high elongation percentage. With a high carbon, high manganese composition, Automotive TWIP Steel boasts increased formability and collision safety. Especially when applied to the front and back bumper of a vehicle, carmakers can obtain crashworthiness while maintaining a light weight and saving costs. This material debuted at the 2016 North American International Auto Show and was deemed a “dream steel” for cars. POSCO is the only company in the world to have successfully commercialized TWIP Steel.

The Opportunities are Limitless

The possibilities for innovation are limitless with HMS due to the enhanced properties of steel as well as the overall reductions in material and production costs. It is already an innovative material for slurry pipelines, LNG carriers and automobiles. POSCO will continue to be a solutions leader with its HMS for other industries facing limitations in materials and technology.


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