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[Find the Hidden POSCO] ② Welcome to My House!


On the episode #2 of ‘Find the Hidden POSCO,’ Mr. P is throwing a homecoming party — POSCO technologies are hiding at his new house too! What and where are they? Let’s explore the hidden POSCO with POSCO Newsroom.

– Finding the Hidden POSCO! –

Inside the house, here we go.

① PosMarble Takes on Design, Function, Environment, and Costs

Marble brings stylish luxury to house interiors. POSCO’s brand-new PosMarble adds to the marble luxury in terms of design and functionality. PosMarble is a perfect marriage between the rust-free PosMAC and inkjet marble printing whose resolution far exceeding that of ordinary printing. Because of this, PosMarble can emulate the luxurious patterns and textures of top quality marbles, both natural and artificial. Not only that, it’s half the cost of natural marbles and more eco-friendly.

The recent discovery of formaldehyde and radon in synthetic and natural marble created a huge controversy in the market. Amid the controversy, PosMarble is being welcomed as a new and safe alternative.

② Emergency Safety with Stainless Steel Guard Rail

During non-emergency situations, fire exit stairs outside high-rise buildings serve as railings, preventing falls. During a fire emergency, the rail unfolds and provides direct exit routes for people. The railing at Mr. P’s apartment is made of POSCO’s high-strength stainless steel pipe. Rust-free and sturdy against big external impact, the material ensures safety — both in case of emergency and non-emergency.

③ A Quiet Comfort with POSCO floors

In apartment living, the noise transfer between floors can cause high anxieties for the occupants. Worried about the noises? Think no further, POSCO’s PosCOZY has the solution.

PosCOZY, the world’s first high manganese steel plate designed to reduce noises between floors, is a noise-proof floor system created by combining galvanized steel plates with high manganese clip whose vibration resistance is four times that of normal steel.

PosCOZY is the first steel floor material that received a certificate from Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology — a grade 1 certification given to the materials that minimize impact noises on the floor.

PosCOZY reduces heavyweight floor impact noises by over 10 dB and lightweight floor impact noises by over 20 dB. Even if children upstairs play soccer at home, the downstairs occupants won’t be able to hear a thing — as quiet as a library. Applying PosCOZY to older buildings, 15 years or older, with thin floors can significantly reduce noises — boosting the acoustic performance to the legal minimum level of grade 4. PosCOZY might just be the best solution for those who want to soundproof their floors.

④ The ‘Total Smart Home’ with POSCO E&C — the AiQ TECH

After a long hard cold winter day, imagine stepping into the empty apartment. Inside, what you find is the room toasty and cozy with just the right temperature and warm bright light — not a cold dark room. Not only that, the laundry you didn’t quite finish in the morning is now all done. What about the floors? It’s squeaky clean.

Thanks to ‘Total Smart Home’ with IoT platform, we are now living in a world where all this is a reality, not a fantasy. POSCO E&C recently launched “AiQ TECH,” Korea’s first smart home technology. AiQ TECH is a self-learning smart technology with emotional intelligence to serve customers. After undergoing a long R&D and prototypes after prototypes, POSCO E&C successfully developed the AiQ TECH with the three key functions that best suit market needs: AiQ Convenience, AiQ Safety, and AiQ Health.

The AiQ Convenience uses voice commands and mobile messengers to control lighting, heating, and ventilation. It also alerts elevator arrivals and traffic conditions best suited to the lifestyle of each individual. The AiQ Safety auto-detects any malfunctions in the elevator alerting the building management personnel on duty. It also allows live-monitoring of CCTVs within the apartment complex through smartphone apps. Lastly, the AiQ Health analyzes the air quality and triggers the ventilation system when needed.


⑤Steel Home Appliances with POSCO

The increasing popularity of smart home appliances is also diversifying the designs of the appliances away from the monotonous coloring — mostly in white tones. As of late, vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and metallic texture are gaining popularity for interior designs. Steel plates from POSCO — cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, and electro-galvanized — are especially worth noting. They are corrosion-resistant and allow generous freedom for surface treatment. POSCO steel plates allow very little power loss. That’s why everyday household appliances using POSCO materials — refrigerators, microwave ovens, and ovens — have high energy efficiency.

⑥ Stainless Kitchen Thinks Clean

When cooking, good cooking utensils are just as important as good ingredients. Stainless steel, found in various pots and pans as well as in storage containers, is one of the widely used materials in the kitchen. Among different grades of stainless steel, austenitic steel is the most widely used grade of stainless steel. It contains chromium and nickel components and is known for its formability and corrosion resistance. Austenitic steel is mainly used in kitchen appliances, building materials, and chemical facilities.

Heat transfer through stainless steel is not as superb as with aluminum. To overcome this shortcoming, POSCO developed clad steel by bonding stainless steel to aluminum. Clad steel has already made a name for itself as the top kitchenware material. Clad steel is made by rolling on stainless steel to the front and the back of aluminum plates. With triple layers, clade steel enhances the thermal conductivity, heat conservation, and efficiency of stainless steel. Furthermore, its resistance to acid and alkali makes clad steel not only eco-friendly but also harmless to humans.

⑦ Safe and Clean with Stainless Steel Water Pipes

The recent bout of rusty tap water in the Seoul Metropolitan area heightened safety concerns on drinking water. With stainless steel water pipes, however, you can rest assured that your drinking water will stay clean and toxic-free.

No matter how heat-resistant, plastic pipes can’t guarantee hygiene and safety 100%. Constant contact with hot water will inevitably cause deformation inside the pipes. Compared to plastics, however, stainless steel is incredibly durable — it’s clean, keeping its original shapes much better than plastics. No wonder why stainless steel is increasingly becoming the go-to material for food containers.

Through the episode #2 of ‘Find the Hidden POSCO,’ we spotted POSCO technologies found inside the house. Giant chunks of steel have transformed themselves into various products of all shapes doing the jobs that they were born to do. Stay tuned for the next episode of [Find the Hidden POSCO] where we will explore various spots of our city to discover more POSCO technologies.

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