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[POSCO CEO Greeting] “Winning during difficulties is a true ability. Let’s implement our core tasks with dedication.”



I’m pleased to greet the new year in 2014 with a bright heart together with all POSCO Family employees.

One and all, I would like to express my love and appreciation for you and all you do! I wish you all the best in the New Year.

I want to thank our whole Family of employees for their commitment in coming together and achieve great results despite the current difficult management environment. We have undergone a period of great difficulty including severe cold, but marked a milestone in building a global POSCO with the completion of our first integrated overseas steelworks, and advancing in various investment projects to evolve as an overall materials and energy company, attaining great results through flawless preparation despite the difficulties.

All this has been thanks to the drive and commitment that everyone brought together. Once again, Thank you.

The core message for our New Year’s presentation hosted in honor of 2014 is, “Focus on attaining premium global competitiveness and profitability!” It may be an overwhelming on the first day of the New Year, as it tasks us with moving forward full steam ahead, but objectively accepting such a situation also reflects confidence.

I have no doubt that we will successfully implement our fatefully given tasks as they come, amidst both the crises and opportunities, with determined confidence and a tradition of accomplishment as a Family.

The core 2014 Family tasks are defined in five areas, all of equal importance. POSCO’s future will be determined according to whether or not we accomplish these tasks.

Succeeding amidst difficulty is said to reflect true ability. I believe this will be a year where all our Family employees show the deep resources that hold within their hearts, to implement our core tasks with dedication.

Dear POSCO Family employees, let us make this year one in which we show forth our true abilities.

And, finally, may there always be health and joy for all of you and your families. I wish you all happiness.

My love and appreciation extend to you all.

2014. 1. 2.

CEO Chung Joonyang


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