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Back to School in Zimbabwe



POSCO crèche in Zimbabwe celebrated its 3rd Entrance Ceremony! The crèche started this year with 30 new kids between 3 and 4 years old, and includes 80 kids in total.

More than 100 children applied to enter the POSCO Children Development Center in Zimbabwe this year, which reflects the changes of thought and lifestyle in Zimbabwe, especially regarding education and common health. The 30 new students were selected by interview with parents and kids and took into account home environment and location.


The children receive free lunch meals and snacks. They follow the fundamental course on numbers and letters, as well as various activities such as presentation and sports games. POSCO crèche in Zimbabwe was founded in January 2012, fully supported by POSCO family. By now, they have 612 general patrons and 229 temporary ones. Donations are used for kids who have limited access to education and also for the overall improvement of common health in the country.


In celebration of the second year of POSCO’s efforts in Zimbabwe, POSCO Family with KFHI (Korea Food for the Hunger International) plan to distribute ‘The Warm Postcard’ in Korea. To send a message to contribute to this campaign, you can send a text message to 070-7790-9003.



Check out the video below of our students in Zimbabwe singing ‘We shall never forget Beautiful POSCO’.

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