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Applications Open for POSCO Science Fellowship of POSCO TJ Foundation


l Support for domestic researchers in the field of basic and applied science to foster world-class scientists
l Application deadline due on June 30; Results are to be announced in September 

POSCO TJ Park Foundation (Chairman Sun-Uk Kim) will be naming 40 Fellows as the 12th POSCO Science Fellowship.

POSCO Science Fellowship offers grants to young and talented doctoral students, post-doc, and young professors in basic and applied science areas at universities and research institutes in Korea. It aims to nurture those researchers to become leaders in science.

POSCO TJ Park Foundation will receive applications until June 30, and the evaluation process will continue for two months. The grantees will be announced in September later this year.

Celebrating its 12th year, POSCO Science Fellowship has widened its supporting areas since last year. In addition to the basic science field (mathematics, physics, chemistry, and life science), supports have been expanded to the applied science field (metal, new material, energy material), which is considered as the new growth engine for Korean industries. The program has been established to support and cultivate young talents in science and technology.

Grantees for the POSCO Science Fellowship will be selected through the evaluation of submitted documents and interviews. First, the recommendation committee of each of the seven studies will examine the documents based on the applicants’ research plans and performances. The final grantees will be named by the selection committee after a thorough interview following in-depth evaluation by Korean and foreign scientists.

Prospective applicants can apply through the official POSCO TJ Foundation website from June 1 to June 30.
* Official English website of POSCO TJ Foundation:

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