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2014 POSCO Global EVI Forum #1 ‘From Steel Supplier to Solution Partner’


From October 27th, POSCO hosted the 2014 POSCO Global EVI Forum for four days at the Incheon Songdo Convensia. The event was an opportunity to highlight POSCO’s distinct client-oriented activities and a wide range of solution marketing. Under the theme of ‘From Steel Supplier to Solution Partner’, this year’s forum achieved substantial results of technology consultation and sales agreement, partnership enhancement with clients of each session and communication with potential global client expansion. With achievements from the EVI forum, POSCO will continue to secure the strategic activities of solution marketing. In today’s series on the Global EVI forum, we would like to introduce the overall activities and content that were shared during the four days of the event. Let’s take a look!

Introducing POSCO’s Global EVI Forum


EVI (Early Vendor Involvement) is an activity, initiated by finished vehicle companies, brings the key auto parts companies to participate in new model development projects. The POSCO EVI Forum, which started as a domestic auto market target event, has been developing into a global event where various industry fields and global client companies participate in; also expanding the contact points with POSCO’s clients in the meantime. Currently, the event is positioning as client-oriented marketing festival to strengthen business partnerships with customers, while facilitating interaction and exchange with potential global clients.

Presentations and Discussions of Six Major Industrial Programs

During the general session which also includes the opening ceremony on the 28th, Remi Bastian, Renault’s head of research, advanced studies and materials, Sungho Park, POSCO’s Director of Research Center and Raghavan Ayer, SK innovation’s Science Advisor and Senior VP made presentations on industrial topics. Except for the opening ceremony and the general session, the discussions were arranged into six major industrial programs, including automobile, energy, shipbuilding, electricity, electronic, construction, stainless, and wire rod.


Each session’s presentation and discussion on ‘Steel Solution for Eco-friendly Vehicle of Now and Future’, and ‘Energy·Shipbuilding Solution for Client’s Best Value’ intensified the concentration and communication among clients and participants at the event. There were hosted discussions about industrial technology trends, followed by topic-based presentations. Noteworthy examples included a presentation on technology development designed to lighten the weight of automobiles that was undertaken by Volkswagen in Germany; the development of Hadfield steel LNG tanks from Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and the usage of wire rods in the marine industry by KISWIRE.


Also, the forum provided a special location to global clients of each session for technology consultation and purchase agreement, presentation and discussions. In fact, POSCO successfully established positive relationships with global clients through the technology consultation and sales agreement were proceeded for two days from the 27th to the 28th.

Focus on Renault’s ‘EOLAB’ of POSCO Chassis

As a rapid adaptation to the trend of European auto industry, Renault has recently introduced its hybrid concept car ‘EOLAB’ (a compound of the Greek god of wind ‘Aeolus’ and the English word ‘laboratory’) which contains POSCO’s steel products. Therefore, the unique technologies of POSCO were praised, including its lightweight· high strength products, which were used in the ‘EOLAB’ prototype. Other noteworthy additions included POSCO’s magnesium plating and PosM Steel, which received much attention from global client companies.

As a result, POSCO was able to sign various technology agreements and sales contracts during the automobile session which is one of the six industrial programs at the forum. Also, POSCO pursued a long-term cooperation with domestic and global companies of the finished vehicle and key auto parts at the same session of the forum. Moreover, POSCO agreed on technology cooperation and joint marketing activities with key domestic and global client companies for shipbuilding, construction, electronic appliance and wire rod.

Creating Successful Partnership through POSCO’s Solution Marketing

Also, this year’s forum has acquired a favorable comment by creating a special counter for POSCO’s solution business introduction and registration for the clients’ request on solution development. Even after the 2014 Global EVI Forum, POSCO promises to continue to seek for practical approaches to the customer value creation. Also, POSCO will further reinforce its growth foundation with clients by amplifying the solution marketing not only to domestic clients but also to distinguished global client companies.

In the next episode of our global blog’s Global EVI Forum series, we will introduce the in-depth explanations of each forum session and interviews with our client companies. So, please stay tuned with us!


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