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Your POSCO Adventure Begins Here


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Pohang Works, Gwangyang Works and the POSCO head office in Seoul are already familiar POSCO establishments to Koreans. But did you know that you can find more POSCO centers practically all over the world? Yes, POSCO is indeed spread out throughout the globe.


From India to China and to Australia

POSCO Webtoon

POSCO has three main business quarters in Dubai, Mongol, and Western Australia. Thirty-eight established companies can be found in various countries, such as POSCO China Holdings, Qingdao Pohang, POSCO Vietnam, POSCO India and POSCO Japan. Today, POSCO is expanding its influence, by building production bases in Indonesia and India. POSCO built its first integrated steel plant in Indonesia and is currently building another one in India, where we can expect a positive increase of production level. What’s more, POSCO is running fourteen manufacturing centers in fourteen Chinese cities of Zhangjiagang, Chungdo, Daeryun and Guangdong. In Australia, POSCO operates Fomax, Sutton Forest and API ore mines.


Propelling iron and steel industry, by connecting North and South America

POSCO Webtoon

Today, POSCO is expanding its influence as a power-supplier of iron and steel industry throughout the American continent. In North America, Mexico’s CGL factory is producing steel plates for automobiles, while in South America, investing in raw materials and preparing for integrated steel plants are actively being progressed. In addition, Bolivia is eagerly involved with Lithium development. POSCO holds offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as well as six other mutual establishment companies, namely POSCO America, POSCO Canada, POSCO Uruguay, POSCO Mexico.


POSCO in Europe and Africa

POSCO Webtoon

POSCO has EU offices located at Dusseldorf, Germany, with affiliated associations of Prague and London substations. In addition, POSCO has four other foreign mutual establishment companies. Currently, POSCO is propelling a collaborative business of Titanium slabs in Kazakhstan. Aside from this, POSCO is also pushing ahead investment for supplying raw materials and rare gold from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, South Africa, Congo and other African countries.


POSCO is making a leap forward globally, growing as an elite corporation

POSCO is increasingly taking an active role throughout the world. Our future agenda includes pioneering into Russian Siberia, the three other Chinese territories (Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin), the Far East, the Bering Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the polar regions and oceans to further secure a supply for raw materials and for an expansion of material production regions. On the agenda are also activities that reflect POSCO’s value on contribution to the international society. POSCO provided emergency kits for natural disasters and our student volunteer group built houses in the region. POSCO promises to become an elite corporation not only for Korea but globally as well.

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