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You can now meet POSCO in Linkedin!


Most of you would have heard of ‘Linkedin’ quite often these days. To define it simply, Linkedin is the world’s biggest business social media. It offers a distinguished service with its special feature of creating individual profiles to be feasible for job opportunities for employees/employers and also to find new buyers for business enterprises.

Now, POSCO has opened its very own Linkedin page (

POSCO Linkedin Page

Through the page, POSCO will aim to build positive relations with all our important interested parties around the world and share up-to-date corporate news and product information. Also, POSCO plans to regularly update the valuable news and information about the steel industry so that it can strengthen its global status as a world-leading steel corporation.

Linkedin, the world’s largest business-dedicated social network service is being used by more than 200 million registered users globally. The majorities of people using the service aim to find jobs, employ new talents, seek business partners and open new overseas markets. It could be a great channel for POSCO to expand its network and communicate with the world.

Linkedin as explained above, let a corporation and its future employees communicate better in an effective way, and here’s another example. Linkedin collects data. Not just any data, but those useful data for your guarantee at a new job. Below is popular buzzwords analysis from previous years in total from different countries around the world, and another diagram shows only the example of US. Having more than 135 million members around the globe, Linkedin was able to track this list from one’s professional identity. One thing you must note here is that on your personal profile, words such as “creative,” “motivated,” “responsible,” and so on, should give a fact. Emphasizing only these words and describing yourself with such descriptions are only a cliché during recruitment at a big firm. POSCO also looks for individuals who are creative, motivated and responsible indeed, but we want more than just that, give us something that makes you stand out from the typical crowd, something “unique” about you as an individual. You can find out more on what POSCO looks for on these two posts: “Pursuing New Talent for POSCO” and “POSCO Abroad, And To Be Part of It”.

Meet POSCO in Linkedin

For POSCO’s overseas corporations, rolling recruitments are generally operated online, as well as through local newspapers and individual recommendations. By POSCO’s Linkedin page, you will be able to apply for your place in POSCO with your fingertips. POSCO is looking for open and globally competent talents with professionalism and fit work ethics. If you are willing to show commitment with your creativity, POSCO welcomes you to be a part of our fascinating organization.

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