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The Ocean is Now Part of the Family! POSCO Future M’s “Companion Beach”


POSCO Future M welcomes a new member to its family. This is Cheongnim Beach, located in Pohang-si. Last August, POSCO Future M adopted Cheongnim Beach as a companion beach and welcomed it into its family.

The word “companion” also means “mate” and is frequently used to refer to partners, pets, etc. Then, what is a ‘companion beach’? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a ‘companion beach’?

A companion beach refers to the Adopt-A-Beach program, where a business or organization adopts a specific beach and nurtures it like a pet. This program was initiated in 1986 in Texas, USA, in response to the problem of marine debris and has since grown throughout the United States and further spreaded to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.

In Korea, the Korea Maritime Environment Management Corporation under the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries runs the Adopt-A-Beach program. As of September 2023, 168 companies and organizations have participated in the adoption of 141 beaches across the country. Companies and organizations that adopt a companion beach will voluntarily conduct at least three ocean cleanups and campaigns a year.

Adopt a companion beach to fight pollution and create economic and social value!

According to the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea generates 145,000 tons of marine waste annually as of 2022. Marine waste that enters the ocean not only causes ship accidents and damages fishing nets but also leads to the destruction of ecosystems and landscapes.

Adoption of companion beaches is anticipated to not only prevent environmental pollution but also to create economic and social value. The active participation of employees in marine debris collection will help reduce costs, while cleaner seascapes are likely to attract more tourists and revitalize local economies.

▲(left) Cheongnim Beach in front of POSCO Future M’s Headquarters. (Right) Certificate of Cheongnim Beach Adoption in Pohang by POSCO Future M.

A cleanup event during the Month of Sharing

In October last year, which was called the Month of Sharing by POSCO Future M to promote volunteer work, the company carried out a marine waste collection event at Cheongnim Beach in Pohang.

More than 280 POSCO Future M employees participated in this event. Participants collected a wide range of waste materials on the beach, including branches, plastic bags, and buoys. They also had to use scissors to cut through waste nets entangled with trash. The total amount of trash collected by POSCO Future M that day exceeded expectations, reaching more than 10.5 tons. To handle this substantial amount, an industrial excavator was employed for trash transportation.

“When I first saw Cheongnim beach, I was surprised by the amount of trash. However, I was also impressed by how quickly the cleanup was completed, thanks to the participation of 280 employees. I believe many wild animals live in the beach grass, so I am committed to keeping it clean to maintain a good habitat.” said Gil-yong Kim of POSCO Future M’s Pohang Safety & Environment Group.

▲POSCO Future M employees collected marine waste at Cheongnim Beach in October last year.

▲POSCO Future M employees collected marine waste at Cheongnim Beach in October last year.

A plan for regular beach cleanups

POSCO Future M plans to conduct various activities at the companion beach over the next two years. They plan to carry out regular beach cleanups, aligning them with special volunteer events like POSCO Global Good Citizenship Week and POSCO Future M’s Sharing Month, scheduled for the first and second halves of the year, respectively. They are also planning events like beachcombing* and a quiz show for Ocean Day.

* Beachcombing: To collect debris and trash such as shells and glass from the beach by combing through the sand. The collected materials can then be recycled to create art or accessories.

▲POSCO Future M employees held a marine debris collection event at Cheongnim Beach, their companion beach, in October last year.


POSCO Future M is serious about Adopt-A-Beach!
Please look forward to the various environmental protection initiatives by POSCO Future M,
dedicated to embodying the values of harmony and coexistence and embracing the sea as part of our family.

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