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[In Pictures] ‘Steel’ with Us


In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Korean National Steel Day, Korea Iron and Steel Association (KOSA) hosted a photo contest on the theme of steel. All submissions shared one trait in common in that they explored both the grandeur and subtle beauty of steel ingrained in every part of our lives. POSCO Newsroom presents the winners of the Steel Day photo contest.

l ‘Water of life’ – By Moon-Hwan Park

Small tap made of steel – from which a drop of water, a precious source of life, makes its departure. At the moment captured by Moon-Hwan Park in Ulsan, it’s as if the little bird is communicating with the drop of water at the precise moment when the water departs from the tap.

l ‘A curve aesthetics’ – By Ho Kim

The view from underneath the World Cup Bridge – the circular curve bridge creates is part of the skyline along with the clouds. By the time the bridge is completed next year, people will join this picturesque scene where the elegant steel silhouettes the sky, creating their own silhouettes of memories.

l ‘Cycling’ – By Sang-Chul Park

No weather is too harsh for cyclists as they step on the paddles of their steel bikes. The lofty steel structure pierces through the sky, as the four bicyclists cycle straight into it.

l ‘Shipment standby’ – By Tae-Ha Woo

New vehicles waiting to be shipped to their owners – a massive amount of steel created these cars, and the cars created a work of art in Woo’s photo.

l ‘City of steel’ – By Eun-Joon Yoon

An urban scenery brims with steel – skyscrapers, bridges, subways, and cars. Yoon’s work explores steel presence in harmony with the cityscape ablaze with sunset glow. Steel presence is so ubiquitous, like the air we breathe, that it’s almost unnoticeable – but indeed, it’s everywhere.

l ‘Where the wind originates’ – By Do-Eun Lee

The sky ranch in Daegwallyeong, Gangwon Province. The steel windmill makes the wind visible and the children run towards where the wind blows.

l ‘Emergency stairs made of steel’ – By Jeong-Hee Lim

Steel staircase at a commercial building in Daegu. The escape stairs provide in case of emergency and the weight of it all resonate in Lim’s photograph.

Steel – is it sharp, stiff, or cold? Or hot? It’s all of it – and more. POSCO Newsroom applauds all those who participated in the contest who visually explored the colorful and vibrant diversity of steel. Scroll below to take a look at all the winning photographs from the 20th Korean National Steel Day photo contest.

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