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Why Steel-Type Characters Win in Pokémon Go


Got to Catch Them All

Players in almost every city around the globe are now roaming through streets, parks, historical landmarks and neighborhoods in the hope of capturing a new Pokémon to train and prepare for battle. Currently, there are 151 Pokémon characters available in Pokémon Go that players (or “trainers”) must find and catch – each monster bagged brings them closer to the title of Master Trainer.



The original Pokémon, an abbreviated name derived from Pocket Monsters, came from the imagination of creator Satoshi Tajiri. Pokémon was first released as a role-playing game for Nintendo’s Game Boy in 1995, and after experiencing tremendous success, Pokémon transformed into a US$ 46 billion franchise that includes video games, trading cards, animated television series, movies, comic books, toys, and even smartphones and mobile games.

There are over 700 characters in the Pokémon universe, although Pokémon Go features just 151. Pokémon Go characters include the Normal-type, Rock-type, Grass-type, Bug-type, Flying-type, Water-type, Ice-type, Fire-type, Poison-type, Ground-type, Electric-type, Fighting-type, Psychic-type, Dark-type, Fairy-type, Dragon-type, Ghost-type and Steel-type.

Steel-type Pokémon was introduced in the second generation of Pokémon games. They are fittingly, the strongest type of Pokémon defensively, with many other types of characters deemed not very effective against them. In fact, Poison-type Pokémon have no effect at all on Steel-based characters. Steel-type Pokémon have the highest average defense statistics in the game, making them a highly sought-after group of characters.



In episode 152 of the Pokémon animated series, trainers Brock and Ash discover the power of a Steel-type Pokémon, Skarmory, in an epic battle against their Fire-type characters. Throughout the animated series, Steel-type Pokémon have consistently proven their strength and ability, even when confronted with the toughest opponents.


The Mechanics of Steel-type Pokémon

In the original Pokémon set, there are a total of 49 Steel-type characters with six notable Steel-type trainers. Of the 49 Steel-type Pokémon, only five are so-called “pure” Steel-types, meaning steel is their only attribute. The remaining 44 are either dual-type, meaning they possess the power of steel combined with another skill, or, are characters that have Steel-type moves.

Pokémon Go, however, only includes two of the 49 Steel-type Pokémon; Magnemite and Magneton – both of which are dual-type characters with electricity being their other paired skill. Magnemite and Magneton are both highly respected Pokémon within the character database. One player commented that “Magnemite was a Steel Pokémon before Steel Pokémon were even a type.” Another player says that “Magneton + Eviolite has surprised several opponents with its durability, and the Speed Attack is almost Magnezone-level, while also slightly faster.”



When trainers choose to battle using their Steel-type Pokémon, they must consider the pros and cons of using this sort of character against an opponent. In terms of attack, Steel-types are very effective against Ice, Rock and Fairy-types, but they often falter against Fire, Water and Electric-types. In the meantime, Steel-types provide an equal match against other Steel-types.

In defense against other monsters, Steel-types are completely immune to Poison-types; are minimally affected by Normal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon and Fairy-types; and are greatly affected by trainers wielding Fire, Fighting and Ground-type Pokémon.


Pokémon Go



When a trainer or a player selects a Steel-type Pokémon to battle with, depending on their level and character, they will have several effective steel moves to choose from. Some of the more effective attack moves include Heavy Slam, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Iron Tail, King’s Shield, Magnet Bomb, Metal Burst, Metal Claw and Meteor Mash – each dealing out a significant amount of damage on their opposition.

Overall, Steel-type monsters are ranked fourteenth in terms of Hit Points; fifth in Attack; first in Defense; twelfth in Speed Attack; third in Speed Defense and sixteenth in Speed – all of which make for very impressive Pokémon statistics.


Catch a Steel-type, Catch a Win

Pokémon Go players hoping to add the powerful Steel-type characters Magnemite and Magneton to their collection are advised to look in large buildings and also near railway tracks, along with other locations where steel is predominantly present. Players should be cautious however, when playing the game near railway tracks, and never risk getting too close to the lines. Experts say that visiting train stations and checking out the platforms should do the trick.

Steel-type characters are not easy to catch, and it takes some practice and experience to nab these elusive metal beasts. Having a Steel-type character in your Pokémon Go arsenal will help increase your chances of coming out victorious, when faced with more experienced players – and take you one step closer to becoming a Master Trainer!


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