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Snowfall at POSCO Center – Invitation to Po Seok-ho’s Winterland!


Hi. I’m Po Seok-ho, an employee of POSCO’s New Media Group! Greetings to all POSCO supporters! I really love snowy winters, but we hardly saw snow this winter. I was planning to make a Po Seok-ho snowman and have a snowball fight when the snow fell. I’m so sad. Is this how our winter will end? Boo hoo….

Wait a second! What’s going on? When I woke up this morning, I saw snow on the first-floor lobby of the POSCO Center where I work. Wow! I guess God heard my earnest prayer. This isn’t a dream, is it? I don’t have much time. I have to go to the fantasy Winterland before the snow melts. Please come with me, everyone!

Ta-da! Welcome to Po Seok-ho’s Winterland! You need to apply for a visit by tabling in advance so you can watch it safely. So, please apply in advance, and you will be admitted in order. It’s so exciting to see a winter wonderland covered in snow. What should we look at first?

First! We will see the huge Po Seok-ho, the symbol of Winterland. How is it? Huge Po Seok-ho is so hugely cute, isn’t it? Its height is a whopping six meters. You can also see a snow-covered tree and Po Seok-ho dressed as Rudolph, as if you are at an amusement park. Don’t just pass by. Take a picture with me here! How about here?

My face is full of cookies with icing! This is the Cookie Zone. It is where you can decorate Po Seok-ho’s face with a chocolate pen. Here are smiling Po Seok-ho, cute Po Seok-ho, and adorable Po Seok-ho! You can freely draw any expression you want and take it with you. Let’s see who is good at drawing. Hmm, do I look like this? My eyes seem a little squinted… Well, I’m happy if you are having fun. Handle the chocolate carefully until it dries, and you can enjoy the sweet cookies after taking a commemorative photo.

Oh my, have you ever seen such cute goods before? You can find the Po Seok-ho calendar, diary, and even a lucky doll for 2024! The New Year’s goods were first introduced on the crowdfunding platform Wadiz on December 13, and the funding goal was exceeded by 2,044% just 4 days after opening, and it ended early. Ah, how popular Po Seok-ho is! It warms my heart to know that all the proceeds will be donated to the POSCO 1% Sharing Foundation, a public interest foundation created by donating 1% of employees’ salaries. Thanks again to everyone who bought Po Seok-ho’s goods.


I’ll be disappointed if you just look at these goods and leave! Po Seok-ho has prepared a gift for POSCO supporters. Anyone who follows Po Seok-ho wins 100%. Really, no loss? Of course not. This is the magical Winterland. Excited! What gift will you get?

“Wow! First place!” We start with first place! I wondered whether POSCO Center, I mean the Winterland, was going to collapse due to the loud cheers. Calm down and get your gift. The first-place prize is a Po Seok-ho tumbler. It’s a very useful item in the cold winter, isn’t it? The second-place prize is a Po Seok-ho mood light, the third-place prize is a Po Seok-ho Christmas doll, the fourth-place prize is a Po Seok-ho doll, the fifth-place prize is a Po Seok-ho letter envelope, and everyone will receive cute sleeping socks! By the way, POSCO Chairman Jeong-woo Choi just visited, and he said he was very happy to have won the second place prize. Whisper, whisper!


This is the Photo Zone, Winterland’s last course! Would you like to take four-cut photos of life with Po Seok-ho that are popular these days? A funny expression, a cute expression, and an interesting expression! Well, the joyful journey of Winterland with Po Seok-ho has come to an end, with four scenes of a life that will be remembered for a long time. How was it? Did everyone have fun?

The Winterland tour with Po Seok-ho is not limited only to POSCO employees. Did you know? POSCO Center is an open office building where the general public is welcome! Visitors to Song Feel’s private exhibition currently on display at the POSCO Art Museum, customers who visited Terarosa, and even children attending the daycare center at the POSCO Center have visited Winterland and had fun. I was very happy to give a day like a fairy tale to all the children who were immersed in the white, snow-covered Winterland.

I was also very happy to welcome all visitors to Winterland. Since joining POSCO, I have been working hard to communicate with you all, and perhaps my sincere efforts have been recognized. This year, I was selected as the Grand Award Winner in the social media category of the 2022-2023 Mercury Awards hosted by Mercomm, an American communications evaluation agency. It’s all thanks to you. Thank you so much. Wherever you are, I’ll come to you if you call me Po Seok-ho. I promise!

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