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Second year of Saemaeul Agricultural training centre in Mozambique


POSCO celebrates 2nd successful session of ‘Saemaeul Agricultural Training’ in Africa

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POSCO celebrated the construction of a poultry farm to mark the completion of its second session of ‘Saemaeul Agricultural training’ in Mozambique.

Saemaeul Agricultural training centre marks one of the remarkable POSCO CSR activities. Inspired by ‘Saemaeul’, economic movement done in 1970’s in Korea, this training encourages solutions for poverty in African and Asian countries.

Saemaeul Agricultural training centre in Mozambique, in Manica, was founded in 2011, managed by POSCO and KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), as well as KFHI (Korea Food for the Hunger International). Over the course of a year, trainees learn about farm management and instruction of agricultural machines, among other techniques.


For the ceremony to celebrate its 2 years of successful operation, representatives of Manica came to encourage the trainees, as well as Byeongsun Cho, executive manager at KOICA and Joongsuk Park, executive manager at POSCO Africa. The event was covered by National television and radio in Mozambique.

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Saemaeul Agricultural training centre aims to foster independent town models and POSCO hopes to continue these types of CSR efforts.

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