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Pursuing New Talent for POSCO


All companies have one thing in common for recruitment: It’s not just any applicant that they look for, but those who are tightly and widely wired, ready, and all set go. There are endless list of things that applicants may wish to prepare for when handing in their resumes. Knowing “what” to prepare may be easy, but “how” to prepare it is the key.

In 2013 recruitment, POSCO aims to hire Koreans as well as foreign employees to expand our global business frontier. Currently, POSCO seeks positions for an executer, a creator, and a cosmopolitan.



Personality Is What Matters At the End of the Day

Here at POSCO, we look for long-term employees to ultimately become one of our genuine POSCO family members. Impressive qualifications and previous experiences are indeed important when evaluating a candidate. However, POSCO searches for something beyond that. We look at how your experience and activities relate to you as an individual, which may include reviewing your charity activities, second major/double majors, university experiences, foundations, inventions, social groups, internships, knowledge of history and so much more.

POSCO HR Team is talking about tips for recruitment

Global HR Group of POSCO HQ is talking about tips for recruitment

Of course, there are no particular restrictions given to those who have not graduated with degrees in HR, sales, marketing or finance. Yet we notify that in terms of specific skills such as machinery, electricity, chemicals, IE, resources, civil engineering or architecture, graduates may have an advantage.


Resume is POSCO’s First Insight to the Unique YOU

Recruiters read every single résumé and personal statements word by word. It is given that personal statements should be genuine and truthful. However, we advise applicants to keep away from the overly cliché or emotional stories. Instead, give us something that makes you stand out from the typical crowd, something “unique” about you as an individual.

“Carpe Diem,” as they say, but preparing and investing for your “Tomorrow,” will help you lead your future. A definite guarantee for the future can only lie on the people living the days of tomorrow. As briefly introduced above, your resume is what matters, as it’s our first contact with YOU. It’s not about “what” goes on your resume, but “how” much it reflects you. POSCO is willing to take that extra step with those who are ready and eager. Our doors are wide open, and it’s up to you to enter.



International Recruitment Preparation Q&A


Q1. What are the procedures for International Recruitment?

International recruitment will be focused on Korean international students whom have completed or will be completing a Masters/Graduates degree in the US, Japan, China or Australia region. First round will consist of resumes and personal statement reviews, and by passing second round of interviews individuals will be chosen in categories of R&D, marketing, strategic investment and so forth. Applicants must hand in papers on the POSCO recruitment homepage.


Q2. How will interviews be run?

Generic interview will be round 1 and the 2nd round will consist of a corporate based interview. There have been cases where interviews included presentations. Final acceptances will be available after round 1 intensive interview and the second round final interviews.


Q3. Does POSCO give preference to certain criteria?

Having past work experiences can be an advantage, along with being able to speak more than one language. Q4. What are some tips for interview applicants? Give us everything you’ve got. Tell us about your area of studies and past experiences and other facts about you that you wish to appeal—most of all, with confidence. Make sure you you’re your passion and eagerness during the interview as well. Q5. Will the work station be located overseas? Accepted individuals will be stationed in Korea, as POSCO believes in building strong roots before the departure abroad. Also, POSCO values learning and providing adequate training in Korean headquarters to be important.[/box]

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