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POSRI Releases the 7th Issue of ‘Asian Steel Watch’


POSCO Research Institute (POSRI) released the 7th issue of Asian Steel Watch (ASW) in August 2019.

The bi-annual English journal specialized in the Asian steel industry, which features current issues, interviews with steel guru, and market forecast and analysis.

On this issue, Asian Steel Watch sheds light on corporate citizenship with the cover story titled “Being a Good Corporate Citizen.”

Katherine Smith, Executive Director of Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship describes what corporate citizenship is and why we need it in her contribution to Asian Steel Watch, “The Corporate Citizenship Challenge.”

Sourav Roy, Chief of CSR, Tata Steel introduces Tata Steel’s determined efforts to practice corporate citizenship in “Tata Steel: A Benchmark in Corporate Citizenship.”

Yang Weon-Jun, Executive Vice President of Corporate Citizenship Office, POSCO explains why POSCO has embraced its new management philosophy and how it is giving shape to the philosophy to become a good corporate citizen in “POSCO’s Corporate Citizenship: Its Meaning and Application.”

Finally, Sooyoung Kim, Professor of Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, POSTECH and Director of POSTECH CCRI (Corporate Citizenship Research Institute) touches on social issues to explain corporate citizenship in “Five Social Issues Facing the Korean Steel Industry: A Corporate Citizenship Perspective.”

In addition, in the Special Report section Zheng Yuchun, Deputy Director of China Steel Development and Research Institute analyzes China’s steel industry in “Restructuring of the Chinese Steel Industry: Challenges and Prospects.”

The Featured Articles section covers smart cities: “The Evolution of Smart Cities and Opportunities for the Steel Industry” and “Shifting Needs for Steel Materials with the Rise of 5G Telecommunications and Smart Cities.”

The Market Trend and Analysis section deals with Vietnam’s steel industry in “Vietnam’s Steel Industry: Characteristics and Steel Demand Forecast.”

The full version of the Asian Steel Watch vol. 7 can be downloaded at POSRI website.

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