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PosCoZy Floor Plates Creates Quieter Apartments



As cities around the world grow ever more crowded and city planners try to rein in urban sprawl, people are increasingly turning to apartment buildings for their homes. But while apartment complexes have many conveniences and advantages, one drawback is often noise, as everyone needs to deal with the footsteps and other sounds of life going on in the apartment above. Or, rather, that was a drawback.

POSCO has now introduced PosCoZy, a unique flooring system to combines manganese Z-clips with continuous galvanized steel plates to create floors that greatly reduce impact noise, save space and lower costs.


Leading Noise Reduction

Manganese Z-clips have four times higher resistance to vibrations than general steel. Combined with POSCO’s continuous galvanized steel plates, the PosCoZy flooring is able to significantly reduce the impact noise between floors in apartment buildings.


PosCoZy is the first floor system to receive a First Class silence rating from Korea’s industrial rating agency. This vibration-dampening reduces the sound of typical walking from 50 decibels to just 40dB, while impact sounds are lowered from 58dB to 38dB. In other words, PosCoZy is able to turn the noise levels produced by running children into something more akin to the quiet you’d expect in a library.

This manganese steel floor plating is also good for remodeling old structures, even those more than 15 years old with thin flooring, producing 4th Class Noise Absorption Performance.


Space Savings for Improved Efficiency


In apartments, space is usually at a premium – not sure floor space, but vertical space as well. Thicker floors mean less spacing for living in. However, PosCoZy is thinner than typical flooring, reducing floor thickness by 15 millimeters.

In addition, the manganese Z-clips that support the galvanized steel plating create open spaces under the floor, creating room for piping, LAN cables or other wiring to run. Furthermore, the strength of the steel plates as flooring increases the floor’s capability to hold heavy loads, lasting longer without deformation.


More Economical, to Save Money


A third important advantage of PosCoZy is that it’s economical. The air layer formed in PosCoZy, along with heat insulation, prevents thermal loss and improves heating speed, improving the thermal capabilities. All together, that translates into savings in heating costs, which saves people money.

Silent, efficient and economical – those are the remarkable advantages that POSCO’s exciting new innovation in steel flooring offers builders and consumers. For more information about all the advantages of PosCoZy and high manganese steel flooring, check out the full video below:



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