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POSCO’s Quarterly Operating Profit More than KRW 1 Trillion


On April 18, POSCO announced that it posted consolidated sales of KRW 15.07 trillion, an operating profit of KRW 1.365 trillion, and a net profit KRW 976.9 billion in the first quarter of this year.

Consolidated sales slightly increased from the previous quarter while the operating profit ratio increased from 3.1% to 9.1%. Thanks to the increased profits of the steel division, as well as the improved performance of its non-steel divisions, such as trading and engineering & construction (E&C), POSCO’s operating profit increased by 189.4% from the previous quarter.

The aggregate operating profit of the steel division increased by 60.8% to KRW 1.0234 trillion while the aggregate operating profit of the trading division increased by 60% to KRW 126.7 billion. POSCO’s steel subsidiaries saw improved performance, helping overall operating profit. The E&C division also saw profits increase by 26.7% from the previous quarter to KRW 75 billion.

The operating profits of Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel (ZPSS) in China increased by 41.7% to KRW 52 billion while the operating profits of India POSCO Maharashtra increased by 80% to KRW 38.7 billion. Additionally, operating losses greatly decreased at PT Krakatau POSCO and Vietnam POSCO SS-VINA.

Compared to the previous quarter, the sales profit of POSCO increased by 9.7% to KRW 7.0674 trillion and the operating profit of POSCO increased by 63% to KRW 795.4 billion, resulting in a net profit of KRW 839.6 billion.

Due to the expansion and repair of Pohang blast furnace No. 3, production and sales volume slightly declined from the previous quarter, but the share of sales of its World Premium Products (WPP) increased from 2.4% to 53.4% compared to the previous quarter. Due to increased sales of higher value-added products, reduced costs, continued efforts to improve profitability, and the rise in steel prices, the operating profit ratio increased from 3.7% to 11.3% from the previous quarter.

POSCO’s debt-to-equity ratio has dropped to 17.6% separate and 71% consolidated, a 1.6%  and 6% decrease, respectively, from the previous year.

POSCO has also been moving forward with its restructuring efforts since the inauguration of CEO Ohjoon Kwon and aims to reduce the number of domestic affiliates from 49 to 32 by the end of this year. POSCO plans to secure the future of the company for the next 50 years by laying the groundwork of integrating smart technologies with the core competencies of the Group.  


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