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POSCO wins ‘Best Technology Award’ at the Stainless Steel Industry Awards


POSCO developed high-performance ferrite steel ‘430RE’ … Winning the top award in the ISSF-26 technology category

Satisfying the recent trend of large household appliances by improving processaibility and corrosion resistance of welded parts compared to existing steel grades

President Tak Jeong, ‘We will provide solutions that customers need’… planning to continue R&D in the material field

POSCO won the Gold Award in the technology category at the 26th International Stainless Steel Forum hosted by World Stainless Association*.

*The name was changed from the previous ISSF (International Stainless Steel Forum) to World Stainless Association at this conference. ISSF, which was established in 1996, is a representative organization of the world’s stainless steel industry, and 48 organizations from 25 countries are participating in the conference to exchange information on the challenges and development directions that the stainless steel industry faces, such as raw materials, development of new demand, and the environment

The technology that won the Gold Award this time was the high-performance ferrite stainless steel ‘430RE (Ridging Endurance)’ manufacturing technology. As the technology was selected as the best case of stainless-related technology development this year, POSCO’s technological skill was recognized worldwide.

Recently, as home appliance makers make large-scale washing machines and drying machines, it has become important to improve the formability of the drum bottom and to reduce the defect of stripe pattern on the surface (ridging).

In addition, as the high-speed rotation performance of the drum is required to save water and power during spin-drying, the welding method with excellent bonding strength is preferred over the method (Lock Seaming) of connecting by folding and compressing the plate material when connecting the center of the drum.

Accordingly, POSCO developed 430RE, a specialized steel grade that has features such as enhanced formability, anti-ridging, and corrosion resistance at welds compared to existing steel types, and plans to expand its supply to overseas as well as domestic home appliance companies.

POSCO President Tak Jeong (Head of Marketing Division) said, “The development of steel grade through long-term collaboration in active response to customer needs was highly evaluated. We will continue to provide solutions to develop products that customers need.”

Meanwhile, since 2015, the World Stainless Association has selected the best practices every year in four areas including Market Development, Technology,  Safety, and Sustainability to improve the market development efforts of member companies and to inspire new idea proposals.

POSCO has been proving its technology by winning awards 12 times since the first year for products such as 470FC (Gold Award in Technology) for hydrogen electric vehicle divider plate in 2018, fuel tank for PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) in 2020 (Silver Award in Technology), and stainless steel sealed container (Gold Award in Market Development) in 2020.

POSCO plans to continuously focus its capabilities on research and development in the material field to strengthen the competitiveness of domestic demand industries.

▲ Stainless steel cold-rolled products produced by Pohang Works of POSCO

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