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POSCO to Supply 300,000 Tons of Black Plates


On September 15, POSCO signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ohio Coatings Company (OCC), a U.S. tinplate maker for the long-term supply of black plates. Black plates are used in the manufacturing process of tinning.

Per the agreement, POSCO will supply over 300,000 tons of black plates to the OCC over the next three years, starting in November.

The OCC was established in 1993 in Ohio, USA as a joint venture company of TCC Steel (formally Dongyang Tinplate Corp. and U.S. steelmakers. With an annual tinplate (TP) production capacity of 300,000 tons, POSCO has been supplying black plate (BP) materials required for tinplating to the OCC since 2009.

The POSCO-OCC MOU signing ceremony was held at POSCO Center and was attended by James A. Tennant (CEO of OCC), Daeryong Ha (Senior Vice President of POSCO), Cheolsoon Nam (Head of Steel Division of Daewoo International) and Seokhee Cho (CEO of TCC Steel).

James A. Tennant, CEO of OCC said, “We couldn’t have been able to achieve the current growth without POSCO’s stable supply of BP materials. I hope that both parties can continue a stable business in the future through close cooperation and co-responding to trade issues of US.”


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