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POSCO Holds ‘Tech Day’ in China to Strengthen Partnership in Automobiles


From numerous news articles and blog posts from the past, many people are now aware of the fact that POSCO and China have become closer than ever. In fact, POSCO recently held ‘POSCO Tech Day’ in showrooms of three global automakers located in Guangdong, China. At the event, POSCO introduced various EVI activities, solution marketing cases and world-premium products that are currently under POSCO’s promotion.

Establishing the Foundation Solution Marketing through POSCO Tech Day


The overall result of ‘POSCO Tech Day’ was marvelous: 1,352 people attended the event held at Gwangchi Toyota on January 30th and 1,050 people attended the Gwangchi Honda event. This event has an exceptional meaning to both Gwangchi Toyota and Gwangchi Honda. Because the companies had never previously held an in-house event with an exclusive invitation to a single supplier.


Along with the introduction of POSCO, EVI (Early Vendor Involvement) activities and case examples of solution marketing were presented at the event. Localization strategies through operating Guangdong Pohang Automotive Steel, TSC (Technical Service Center) and POSCO-CFPC were also presented. Moreover, other information such as world premium products, unique steel technologies, and new steel material demand development activities, which are executing with auto parts companies, were introduced.

Above all, ‘POSCO Tech Day’ drew client’s interest and emotions through content that emphasizes automotive structures. Clients who experienced POSCO’s solution marketing at the event expressed their eager interests by sounding out cooperative business possibilities with auto parts companies.

Targeting engineers and purchasing department of each company, the event’s technical seminar focused on Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS), utilization techniques, performance evaluation, and stainless auto parts products.

Perspectives for POSCO in Guangdong, China
This event is expected to strengthen the future technical partnership in Guangdong, China by raising the potential for practical solution demand identification and joint technical project research. Moreover, it is estimated that the event has helped to enhance the global automotive client networks and increase the actual promotion effects. The greatest outcome of the event is the fact that the foundation for POSCO’s solution marketing is constructed in China, the country that is rapidly developing as the world’s largest automobile market with considerable inbound investment from global automakers.


POSCO will build on this event to actively pursue differentiated client-oriented care, new steel product development, and enhanced commercial support. In the second half of this year, POSCO will hold a technical seminar focusing on local TSC for other global automakers and respond to client’s needs for car body weight reduction and advanced product design capabilities.

Meanwhile, POSCO was the first steel company to be invited to a technical exhibition of PROTON, the only local automotive company in Southeast Asia, in September 2014. POSCO also showed that POSCO is leading the field of car body weight reduction through developing new steel grades and participating in the development project of Renault’s EOLAB concept car which was unveiled at 2014 Paris Motor Show.

If you are interested in more information, scroll down and check out global automakers’ displayed items at ‘POSCO Tech Day’!

Picture4PBC-EV (POSCO Body Concept for Electric Vehicle) at EVI Activity Section
By applying the cutting edge technology such as PosM Steel and hot press forming, PBC-EV is lighter than the previous car bodies.

Picture5 (From left) Rear Lower Arm, First Generation Styled Wheel, Front Lower Arm, Fuel Tank

Picture6Electricity Motor Cores (manufactured with electrical steel) at Power Train Section
(Left)Bonded Core Stack – EM Free
(Center)Core Stack – Embo Type
(Right)EV Traction Motor Core (Electric Vehicle Motor Core)

Picture7Front Sub-frame Upper at Chassis Section


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