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[POSCO PEOPLE INTERVIEW] Reliable manager of POSCO-TCS production department, Rawin Imchalee Dave


Greetings. I am Rawin Imchalee Dave, the General Manager of Production Department at POSCO-TCS in Rayong, Thailand’s largest industrial complex. As a manager overseeing factory production, I am responsible for everything from operational status to equipment troubles, managing non-conforming products, and on-site safety activities. Additionally, as a department head, I also delve into my employees’ concerns and personal issues. Living by the motto “Don’t fear failure and always be ready to take on challenges,” I would like to introduce you to my rewarding journey at POSCO-TCS!

The happiest moment of my life was when I got accepted into the POSCO GMP (Global Mobility Program)*. Growing up watching Korean movies and dramas, I have always wanted to visit Korea. The news of being selected for this program, which allowed me to participate in training programs in Korea, filled me with immense joy. During my four months in Korea, I deeply learned about POSCO’s history, steel production technology, and equipment technology. I also created unforgettable memories with my GMP colleagues and the Gwangyang Works Surface Treatment Department employees. This experience nourished my growth as the General Manager of Production Department of POSCO-TCS and immensely helped me understand Korean culture.

The most memorable part of the GMP training was learning about POSCO’s history and Korea’s industrial development at the POSCO History Museum. I was genuinely moved by the story of how POSCO produced steel in Korea, which was then an industrial wasteland, laying the groundwork for the growth of other industries. Hearing the stories of the POSCO founders who succeeded in producing their first steel, I would recall the “Miracle of Yeongil Bay” whenever I faced challenges in Thailand, inspiring me to redouble my efforts. Also, visiting the National Museum and Cheomseongdae in Gyeongju and experiencing Korean history and culture left me with joyful memories.

*The POSCO GMP (Global Mobility Program)
The POSCO GMP is an annual program that provides outstanding local employees of overseas subsidiaries with an opportunity to work at the headquarters for about five months, cultivating a pool of local managerial candidates. POSCO supports these employees in building human networks and learning about Korean work culture and organizational management practices. Since its introduction in 2015, over 100 employees from overseas subsidiaries have participated. Employees who return to their subsidiaries after completing their rotations continue to excel worldwide, leveraging the work skills they learned in Korea.

My first encounter with POSCO employees wasn’t through the GMP program. I joined POSCO-TCS in 2016 and then went to POSCO India PC CGL to benchmark the factory’s equipment commissioning and mass production operations. Even then, I learned much from the POSCO expatriates and local employees at POSCO India PC, including operational know-how and equipment management techniques. After returning to POSCO-TCS, I was a commissioning engineer responsible for equipment installation and testing. My colleagues from POSCO India PC and GMP have continuously stayed in touch, supporting the successful operation of POSCO-TCS. The strong camaraderie, sense of belonging, and overwhelming feeling of professional growth I experienced then are still vivid in my mind.

POSCO-TCS, established in 2016 in response to the demands of global automobile manufacturers, operates as a premium galvanized steel sheet producer in Rayong, Thailand’s largest industrial complex. As the person overseeing production at this plant, which boasts an annual capacity of 450,000 tons, I manage the entire production process, from inspecting product and material conditions at the stockyard to ensuring that the final output meets the specifications required by our clients.

In March 2022, POSCO-TCS signed an MOU to supply 24,000 tons of eco-friendly galvanized steel sheets annually to Sahaviriya, a leading steel company in Thailand. Founded in 1983, Sahaviriya is Thailand’s largest hot-rolled steel producer, with a capacity of 5 million tons annually. I distinctly recall the time our team put their heads together to optimize the operational process, aiming to supply galvanized steel materials reduced in carbon to Sahaviriya through cold annealing technology. The thought of increasing the use of eco-friendly steel materials in Thailand’s construction industry and contributing positively to the environment filled me with pride. Our goal this year is to unearth various improvement projects with my team, identify waste factors at the site, and reduce costs to enhance the profitability of our automotive steel plate products. Additionally, we plan to create a safer working environment where employees can work with peace of mind in continuous collaboration with the safety department.

Having experienced various tasks, from material procurement to optimizing operational processes and product quality control, I understand that each task has unique challenges. Currently, I believe the most demanding task is on-site safety management. Our dedicated safety department supports many aspects, from employee safety training and inspection of unsafe facilities to identifying and preventing early signs of various accidents. Safety, directly linked to colleagues’ lives, is of utmost priority and demands a profound sense of responsibility from all factory members.

We conduct annual safety innovation training and a Golden Bell contest at POSCO-TCS. Participating in practical safety training and preparing for the Golden Bell contest with my colleagues through study groups proved much more effective than studying safety theories and cases alone. Particularly memorable was the post-contest discussion last year, where representatives from each department came together to renew our work safety standards and critical practices, consolidating them into a booklet and further reinforcing our commitment to safety.

The myriad colleagues at POSCO-TCS with whom I work in the field are the solid pillars that have enabled me to work, grow, and take on new challenges. We strive to collaborate and grow together, serving as role models for one another.

I am particularly grateful to Jang-hoon Song, who completed his four-year tenure as a Production and Quality Coordinator at POSCO-TCS this January and returned to the Pohang Works, and Tae-young Kong, the current Equipment, Safety and Innovation Coordinator.

Once, we had to bring in a new piece of equipment from a supplier to the factory. Installing this new equipment and getting it operational involved a complex process with many unfamiliar elements, presenting significant challenges. There was also an incident where part of the galvanizing equipment was replaced, leading to errors and damage to the machine. I remember spending two days wrangling with Korean employees, using body language to facilitate communication during that time. Precise communication was necessary, even translating various technical terms for discussion. We anticipated that resolving this unexpected problem, compounded by communication issues, would take over a week. However, thanks to the Korean expatriates’ passionate focus and leadership, we solved the problem in just two days.

The greatest joy in my life is spending time with my beloved family. In 2020, I married Bo, a colleague in the Quality Technology Department at POSCO-TCS! I’ve heard there are many couples within POSCO. 😊 While working at the same company as your spouse may have its downsides, for me, in these sweet early days of marriage, going to and from work together every day is true happiness.

Especially last August, the birth of our beloved son has brought us immeasurable happiness. POSCO’s maternity leave and childbirth support policies are much more generous than those of other Thai companies, allowing us to welcome our child with peace of mind. Although I’m still a novice father facing many challenges, I’m doing my best, just like I’ve been responsible for looking after my employees as a department head. At work, I strive to be a reliable manager, and at home, a loving husband and a wonderful father.

What I really want to achieve!

“I am committed to creating a safe and happy POSCO-TCS!”

As the General Manager of Production Department, I am endeavoring to become an expert in operational and equipment technologies. Recently, the importance of ESG and safety has been growing in Thailand.

Moving forward, I want to learn more diligently about corporate citizenship management philosophy and safety and environmental areas. By doing so, I aim to succeed as a manager overseeing all aspects of factory operations, including safety and innovation, and contribute to creating a POSCO-TCS where employees can work more safely and happily.

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