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POSCO Opens Technical Service Center Laboratories in Suzhou, China


POSCO Technical Service Center (TSC) in China established its laboratories in Suzhou, the center of the Chinese automobile market, on July 5. Through this addition, POSCO will now be able to respond to its global clients more effectively and add value to its steel products.

POSCO TSC directly provides technical services to its clients’ workplaces for its products, and currently has a total of 27 TSCs located in six different international areas: China, Japan, South East Asia, India, America and Europe. This is TSC Laboratories’ first worldwide opening.

POSCO Opens Technical Service Center Laboratories in Suzhou, China

Technical Service Center (TSC) Laboratories established by POSCO in Suzhou, China, on July 5.

By launching TSC Laboratories in POSCO-CSPC, an automotive steel processing center in Suzhou, POSCO has been able to provide customer-oriented service and support for VOC related to product quality.

Since first establishing the TSC in Guangzhou in 2011, POSCO has continued to make efforts to help improve overall customer value. Now, by adding TSC Laboratories, the company has built up a total service system, which manages the process from the sale of products and technical service to product quality analysis, and finally to the enhancement of its Solution Marketing system (POSCO’s own customer-oriented strategy).

Because of these new developments, POSCO will be able to quickly respond to clients’ needs with local technical support, while also pushing ahead with expanding the sale of its World Premium (WP) steel products.

Most importantly, the Laboratories will allow the company to carry out the joint development of steel with clients by making use of the 26 equipment available. Previous collaborative examples include tensile test equipment, complex forming test equipment, optical microscopes and illumination measuring instruments.

Meanwhile, China, with its rapidly growing economy, has achieved an annual production of 24 million cars in 2015, securing its place as the world’s biggest car manufacturer. The country is now expected to produce as many as 30 million cars in 2020, allowing POSCO’s new and customer support-based TSC Laboratories in Suzhou to become more relevant than ever.


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