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POSCO Opens its First Overseas Structural Steel Solutions Center in Vietnam


POSCO opened its first-ever structural steel solution center abroad in Vietnam. The opening ceremony was held on February 7 at POSCO SS VINA, attended by some 50 officials including Oh In-hwan (COO, POSCO), Ho Nghia Dung (President, Vietnam Steel Association) and Bui Anh Hoa (Vice President, Hanoi University of Science and Technology).

In recent years, Vietnam has undergone rapid urbanization with subsequent advancements in housing, energy and infrastructure. As such, demand for structural steel is expected to reach 24 million tons by 2020. The figures represent 80 percent of Vietnam’s entire steel demand, making Vietnam a booming market for steel consumption in Southeast Asia.

As the Vietnamese construction industry is projected to see an annual growth rate of 7 percent for the next 10 years, POSCO plans to pursue preemptive solution marketing activities with local affiliates such as POSCO SS VINA and POSCO-VST.

POSCO SS VINA will supply Vietnam’s growing structural steel demand.

POSCO SS VINA will supply Vietnam’s growing structural steel demand.

They also look to cooperate with local organizations to maximize benefits for their clients, by providing support for a wide range of technologies related to molding, binding, improved performance and structuralization.

Additionally, POSCO intends to promote packaged marketing services for large-scale projects to offer various products such as R.H. (ROLLED H-BEAM), BH (Built up H-Beam) and steel bars in one batch.

POSCO is organizing 3 separate departments – the Solution Planning Department, Solution Development Department and Technical Services Department – to successfully create, develop and implement a local, customized marketing strategy. A total of 25 experienced construction experts will serve as consultants.

In January, POSCO also established a “Solutions Marketing Center” under its base corporation in Vietnam and China to provide support for its increased production and sales worldwide.

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