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All about POSCO Marketers #1. Interview with Mijung Kim from the Stainless Steel Marketing Dept.


Hard work put in to developing the best steel and differentiated marketing strategies have established POSCO as a global steel company. This is why in our special series, we will be interviewing those behind POSCO’s marketing to get an insight to POSCO.

Our first interviewee is Associate Mijung Kim from the Stainless Steel Marketing Dept. in the Stainless Automotive and Home Appliance Steel Sales Group. Let’s listen to Kim’s marketing story, including what she considers the most important in marketing as a person involved in the export of stainless steel!

Can you introduce yourself please?


Hello, I’m Mijung Kim, an associate at POSCO’s Stainless Steel Marketing Dept. since February 2012. I have been responsible for the export of stainless steel since I first started working for POSCO. From my two years in marketing, I was not only able to learn a lot about stainless steel but was also able to gain the ability to lead business with a client. I initially found it challenging to adjust to POSCO’s environment as I was unfamiliar with corporate life, professional vocabulary and methods of work but I was able to adapt quickly with the help of passionate leaders and friendly colleagues.

What does POSCO’s Stainless Steel Marketing Dept. do?

Stainless steel thermoses, cups and spoons are familiar steel products that can be seen in our daily lives. Stainless steel are high-value added products that have a well-polished surface and resistance to corrosion. However, stainless steel suffer from severe price fluctuations because the majority of their raw material is nickel. In addition, there is a large range of clients, which makes the marketing of stainless steel a more difficult task compared to the marketing of other products. Despite the difficulties, sales managers are constantly working to establish effective conclusions of contracts and manage meticulous client relationship by developing smooth communication with purchasing and technical managers from client companies.


Currently, the Stainless Steel Marketing Dept. exports products made at POSCO’s overseas producer corporations and manufacturing centers in countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey and Italy. Considering the global marketing environments, POSCO keeps track of the fluctuations in the prices of raw materials, the characteristics of steel that clients demand as well as the business conditions of producer corporations to ultimately apply acquired knowledge in POSCO’s sales planning.

What do you consider to be the most important in POSCO’s marketing?


I believe that communication is the key to everything. During my time at POSCO, I realized the importance of communication as I worked with clients and producer corporations from Taiwan and South-East Asia. Once, I faced difficulties in fulfilling a contract due to extreme price fluctuations of raw materials during the contract period. Another time, I had to solve problems regarding a client claim, together with technical and purchasing managers. While overcoming such difficulties, I learned that sales managers should always listen carefully to and actively communicate with clients as the faintest client voice could suddenly influence contract and deals. I came to believe that good communication at times of difficulties can in fact draw more clients, and ultimately increase the sales of products.

POSCO’s Stainless Steel Marketing Goes Global


POSCO’s stainless steel are exported worldwide to countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey and Italy after being made in various producer corporations and manufacturing. Sales managers advertise POSCO’s products by visiting clients from diverse nationalities in real life. Every time I see some of the client companies’ poor production situations, I become even more determined to provide better stainless steel and services to clients.

Can you catch a glimpse of the bright future of POSCO’s stainless steel marketing from all the POSCO-pride and preemptive marketing strategies? We hope you felt the passion and hard work coming from Mijung, who is only on her second year in the marketing industry. At the beginning of August 2013, POSCO restructured its Stainless Steel Marketing Dept. to be industry-based in order to strengthen customer service. In the future, POSCO Stainless Steel Marketing will continue to provide technology, product and service tailored to industry demands, so stay tuned! 🙂

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