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POSCO Launches #SteelSaveEarth Campaign to Promote Steel Sustainability


l Campaign to curb single-use plastics and to raise awareness on steel sustainability
l Efforts to engage the public through various offline events and hashtags-inspired promotions on social media

On April 22, POSCO kicked off #SteelSaveEarth campaign in commemoration of the Earth Day. Earth Day was founded in 1970 by a U.S Senator, and it has since spread across the globe, being celebrated in more than 193 countries through various coordinated events.

In the recycling value chain, recycling plastic is economically, as well as environmentally, unviable as the value of scrap plastic is constantly fluctuating. The sustainability of steel, however, is drawing attention, especially when considered from the perspective of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which examines the environmental impacts of materials throughout their full life cycle, from raw material procurement to distribution and recycling.

#SteelSaveEarth campaign aims to raise awareness on the sustainability of steel. Through various online and offline events, POSCO also demonstrated the company’s commitment to curbing single-use plastics.

For the Instagram campaign, followers can post photos of their plastic-free lifestyle with the following hashtags: #SteelSaveEarth. To commemorate the April 22 Earth Day, POSCO will select 422 people who will receive travel mugs. These travel mugs were made of POSCO’s stainless steel and designed in collaborating with the trending Instatoon artist @inoo.ari.duri. The campaign will continue until May 15.

▲ Click on the picture to visit #SteelSaveEarth Instagram campaign

On May 11, POSCO is also holding a concert for children by incorporating with #SteelSaveEarth campaign. Children can make their own travel mugs utilizing @inoo.ari.duri‘s designs and take a photo in front of the campaign wall. POSCO will also participate in the annual sustainability-themed music festival, Beautiful Mint Life festival from May 11 to 12. On this two-day music festival, POSCO will set up a #SteelSaveEarth campaign booth where POSCO University Student Brand Ambassador will carry out various events to promote steel sustainability.

▲ POSCO is planning a concert for children in collaboration with a trending Instatoon artist. The company will also participate in the annual sustainability-themed music festival, Beautiful Mint Festival.

Meanwhile, POSCO is producing various informational materials to make the concepts of LCA and steel sustainability more accessible to the public. Recently, POSCO enlisted specific YouTubers to create informational and educational contents on steel sustainability from an LCA perspective. So far, these videos are logging more 130,000 views on the channel.

▲ POSCO produced an informational YouTube video to raise public awareness on steel sustainability.

The #SteelSaveEarth is not a one-off event – POSCO will continue the initiative to spread steel sustainability awareness and eco-friendly practices. The company will also continue the endeavor to obtain official certifications like EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) to ensure environmental sustainability for their products and roll out plans to keep their steel mills more sustainable.

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