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POSCO launches ‘My Little Challenge’, a small practice in everyday life


I Freely practice the goals set by employees themselves and certify them through the mobile application

I Habit formation through small but consistent practice…expected to establish itself as a culture of corporate citizenship practice activities

▲Starting from April 5, POSCO executives and employees start a small practice in everyday life, ‘My Little Challenge’. An employee participating in ‘Using Tumbler’ challenge is using a mobile application to certify the use of tumbler.

POSCO(CEO Jeong-Woo Choi) executives and employees started “My Little Challenge” on April 5, communicating with their colleagues and practicing small goals in their daily lives together.

‘My Little Challenge’ is a program in which employees freely select and practice goals (challenges) that help to create a better society as well as their individual lives if they continue to practice in their daily lives.

This challenge was made up of various missions that help employees build habits, such as △using tumblers △walking 10,000 steps a day △climbing stairs △using public transportation △reading ESG-related articles, and more.

POSCO employees practice challenges for a given time using goal attainment mobile application and also can share the practice process with their colleagues through photos and text messages in real time. ‘My Little Challenge’ encourages the achievement of the goal by setting points automatically paid when participating in the challenge as participation points, deducting points if the challenge fails, and full refund with additional points if successful.

POSCO expects that small but consistent corporate citizenship activities will lead to form habits and further contribute to establishing POSCO’s own culture through ‘My Little Challenge’.

Meanwhile, POSCO has participated in solving social problems and carried out various activities to make a better society, focusing on the six main corporate citizenship projects last year. This year, the company plans to introduce five new corporate citizenship brands that can cover the main business of the group company and promote ‘POSCO corporate citizenship’ more friendly at home and abroad.

Top 5 corporate citizenship brands are ▲Together with POSCO(accompanied growth) ▲Challenge with POSCO(Venture promotion) ▲Green with POSCO(Carbon neutrality) ▲Life with POSCO(Childbirth support) ▲Community with POSCO(Co-existence with the local community) and POSCO plans to actively promote eco-friendly activities by setting Green with POSCO as its signature brand of this year.

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