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POSCO Launches ‘e Autopos’ – An Integrated Brand of Eco-Friendly Vehicles


l POSCO launches an integrated brand that provides eco-friendly automotive products and solutions customized for its clients
l ‘e Autopos’ is intended to lead the eco-friendly automotive market through eco-friendliness, collaboration synergy, and innovation
l Creating synergy with client companies through co-development of eco-friendly automotive products and joint participation in exhibitions

On January 27, POSCO (CEO Jeong-Woo Choi) held the launch event of ‘e Autopos’, an integrated brand of eco-friendly automotive products and solutions, with clients.

‘e Autopos’ is the second integrated brand of products and solutions of POSCO following ‘INNOVILT’, its premium brand of steel products for construction launched in 2019. e Autopos is a combination of the words eco-friendly and electrified AUTOmotive solution of POSco, and it intends to pioneer the eco-friendly automotive market through innovation that comprises eco-friendliness, collaboration synergy, and future orientation.

POSCO’s marketing division manager Tak-Jeong said, “POSCO will focus the group’s competence on creating high-quality, high-value-added products and innovative solutions that meet the needs of the market, and will pioneer the eco-friendly automotive market through shared growth with clients.”

The main products of the ‘e Autopos’ brand include high-strength steel plates for automotive bodies and chassis, steel for battery packs, energy-efficient steel plates for motors, metal separators for hydrogen EVs, and cathodes & anodes for secondary battery materials. POSCO plans to incorporate the capabilities within group companies, including POSCO Chemical, POSCO International, and POSCO SPS, to provide steel products for eco-friendly automotives and secondary battery material products, and customized application solutions for clients as a whole package.

In response to the rapid changes of the automotive market triggered by carbon neutrality and the hydrogen society, POSCO established an eco-friendly automotive sales division in 2019 and launched the brand this year to stay ahead in the eco-friendly automotive market and expand sales. The market for eco-friendly automotive, like electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles, is expected to grow from 6 million units in 2020 to 39 million units in 2030, and the market of related materials is also predicted to show rapid growth alongside.

POSCO plans to add the ‘e Autopos’ category to its official website to provide information regarding products and customized application solutions. The company also plans to co-develop eco-friendly automotive with clients adopting ‘e Autopos’ and conduct joint marketing by participating in exhibitions together.

▲ The logo of ‘e Autopos’, an integrated brand of eco-friendly automotive products and solutions


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